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Unicorn Slumber Party!
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twilight:i'm glad it's just us

Lying in the grass, watching the stars come out...

(This is a Calvin Harris reference. XD)

I really like your 5 unicorns stargazing.

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I didn't notice this before, but if you zoom in we could see the stars in their eyes! Such detail!
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I totally like this picture than Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie and Moondancer are looking up to the stars.
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you should make this into a pony base  it look awsome 
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"Magical Pony Girl Harem"~♡
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For some reason I kinda want to see a fic where these five take on a unicorn supremacist group determined to throw Equestria into disharmony for their own foalish ideals...
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I have one in mind, sort of. If you wanna hear more, just say so.
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They're called the Blackhorns. They're a cadre of cultists who worship Nightmare Moon as a goddess. They wear black cloaks with NMM's cutie mark on them, and they always conceal their identity by wearing skull-like masks. However, their top members have slight variations to this design to tell them apart. They're also secretly acquiring resources and ponypower to start a massive war for control of Equestria, while also seeking a return for their dark idol.
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can i make e base plz
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Now this is the type of fan-art i enjoy the most :D
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"What if, like, we are just tiny little things, and we're juts, like, part of this whole other huge universe that's, like, so big we don't even know it exists."

"Man... that is so deep."
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...Although, I guess Trixie's more of a geek than a nerd...If any difference exists between those terms.

Some suggestions, if you don't mine.

- Starlight's body and camera-facing leg seem a little off.
- Twilight might look even more relaxed if her wings were spread out.
- Why's Trixie wearing socks?...Okay, that one's not a suggestion, I'm just curious.
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Very amazing!
But in my opinion, the right hoof from twilight seems off :(
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*Obligatory Lion King reference*

Seriously though. This is so sweet and cute! I've always loved this team-up. :D
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Wow, nice work on the picture. Honestly, I hope one day, Sunset does get a chance to meet the other unicorns, especially Starlight.
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this would be amazing to see in the show 
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Is that a new mane for Moondancer? It looks good.
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They may look adorable, but they'll instantly turn you into dust with a wave of their hoof if you make them mad.
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