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How sweet of you, cousin

:iconpsychotwilightclap: Headcanon: Orchard Blossom was a real relative that Big Macintosh mimicked.

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I love it~! :heart: Orchard Blossom was a pretty, sweet lady!
Seriously one of the best head cannons I've seen so far
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I'd love to see the judges see them together. XD
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Okay I honestly love that headcanon
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Giggle Ok this is cute.
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LOL! This would've been perfect! :D HA HA! XD
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That would make it EVEN FUNNIER! She's a much more distant cousin so Apple Bloom has never even met her till AppleJack like calls her up after hearing about the Social.
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Would be funny if the apples had a cousin named orchard blossom and did look a little like big mac
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that would be a conversation and explanation worth listening too. Awkward.
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:iconliarjackplz: "Maybe so, but leave me out of it!"
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That could have worked. :)
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:iconliarjackplz::iconthinksplz:We're never gonna hear the end of this, are we?:iconthinksendplz:
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If this happened in the end of dat episode it would have been hilarious !
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Well! This will make a neat fix! XD
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HAHAHAHAHAHA someha one make a fanfic of this!
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She'd be voiced by the girl who does Garnet from Steven Universe.
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This was from before I found out that "Estelle" was Estelle Darlings, a very popular (and pretty) British pop star. Whoopi Goldberg isn't popular anymore, so that rules her out as Orchard Blossom. The only reasonable choice would be Tabitha St. Germain.
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