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5th Annual Iron Pony

Does Bulk Biceps stand a chance?
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whats in that BoxCar? Anvils? 
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Oh boy, I know how to get Big Mac going, flash Mr Smarty Pants in front of him. XD
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Jesus, are these wheels superglued to the track!?
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So that's how trains work.
samykhadre's avatar's a train it maybe heavy but it's easy to move it.  
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The main difficulty with moving even an unloaded freight car is not the weight in of itself since it rests on wheels. The main difficulty would be its inertia keeping it stationary. That said, even an unloaded freight car can weigh north of 15 tons.
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Big Mac trying to beat Troubleshoes' record.
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Just wait 'til Troubleshoes comes in...
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Bulk is all showy muscle volume.
Mac is dense performance muscle.
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Just don't let a Butterfly startle him. xD
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If he can pull a house, this should be no problem!

Do I see Derpy behind Dash's wing there?
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