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I do not know what love is.
I Do Not Know What Love Is.
I do not know what love is,
And I’ve tried to unwind
The magic and the mystery
That something hard to find.
I do not know what love is,
But I know it’s tried and true,
And something so much more complex
Than a kiss from me to you.
I do not know what love is,
An adjective? A verb?
And is it something hard to do
Or simple and superb?
I do not know what love is,
Is it something you just know?
Or is it a long lesson learned
That you practice as you go?
I do not know what love is,
Is it being there for you?
To sit there when you’re happy,
Sad, or don’t know what to do?
I do not know what love is,
But I try to be that way
By making sure I put you first
Each and ev’ry day.
I do not know what love is,
But I see it in your eyes
You never thought you’d love again
It took you by surprise.
I do not know what love is
But I know she makes you smile
And that you’re happier with her
Which makes it all worthwhile
I do not know what love is,
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Love Mishap by anaravenwood Love Mishap :iconanaravenwood:anaravenwood 0 17
Blowing Smoke
                 Carrying the Doctor and a new companion, Kara, the Tardis flew through the space-time vortex. The ginger-haired seventeen-year-old watched in awe, staring at the Doctor as he dashed around the controls, pressing buttons and flipping switches. Her mind was not on watching him, however; it was on his mind, listening to his thoughts. Flying past faster than she could read, Kara could only pick up scraps of information as the Doctor’s great mind thought and worked at the controls.
“Where are we going?” Kara asked. She had been given the Tardis tour, been given a bedroom, and had spent a few hours exploring all on her own. When she returned to the console room a minute or so earlier, the Doctor was flying the Tardis.
“Oh don’t spoil the surprise, Kara!” the Doctor said, pausing a moment to run a hand through his spiky brown hair.
He’s so…animated.
:iconanaravenwood:anaravenwood 2 3
I could swear I remember
The way it felt, traveling together
So many places we were going to go
So many things you said we’d do
I could swear I remember you
Your untidy hair, that damn grin
The suit and long brown coat
Your eyes, the feel of your mind
I could swear I remember it
The TARDIS and its many rooms
Her thoughts, the power of her
She only looked like a blue box
I could swear I remember then
The running, lots of running
Spinning through time and space
Laughing until I thought I’d die
I could swear it was real
Plastic-faced aliens that took me
A rescuer who needed rescuing
A man with a nightmare inside his head
I could swear these memories are true
The telepathic aliens with those head things
Chinese takeout gone horribly wrong
Swimming in an alien ocean
I could swear you were there
My memories, they’re so vivid
I can still smell that smell you had
Like everything and nothing at all
The giant teddy bear next to me
The one we got at the circus
It’s all I have
:iconanaravenwood:anaravenwood 0 0
“It was remarkable, that out of every place in the universe I could have ended up, I ended up on that ship, at that time, and I was rescued by the one man that astonished me more than any other. He was called the Doctor.” -an exert from the diary Kara kept of her travels with the Doctor.
Giving a sigh of dismay, Kara gathered up yet another stack of books that had tumbled to the floor of the bookshop. She had worked in this same shop for three summers and though she loved her work, she craved for something to happen--anything! But sadly, though Kara was quite an extraordinary girl, nothing extraordinary ever happened to her.  
The silver and blue letters on the front window of the bookshop read, The Dragon’s Library, but the paint was peeling and Kara mentally added repainting the front sign to her list of jobs. She loved the bookshop and it’s owner, Mellie Responn, but she wanted to do something with her life. She didn’t know precisely
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Time Ageing Stone
A stone fortress stands tall
Hollowed with age
Lines creased into its rocky face
From wind and water
Wearing away.
Skin cracks and flakes away
Salt and sand seeping into its pores
Ageing it as decades go by
Wearing away.
What was once unshakeable
Is now merely a skeleton standing alone
Wearing away.
:iconanaravenwood:anaravenwood 2 9
Coming Into Magic
It wasn’t that Rowena liked her home any less than usual or that she was feeling a tad blue, or even that she was tired of home. It was more like something inside her was being pulled away from the house and she had no choice but to follow it.
The moon was a little past the center of the sky. It was probably midnight or one in the morning. She had to be insane. Rowena looked across the moonlit room at her twin’s sleeping form. Raven smiled and murmured something in her sleep before rolling over so Rowena could no longer see her face. Rowena sighed, if she woke Raven up, then Raven would be angry at her. If she followed the feeling and told her twin about it later then Raven would be angry. Rowena sighed again, either way she would have to deal with Raven’s infamous temper, so she got a lightweight cloak from a hook on her wall and tiptoed barefoot out of the  bedroom.
She carefully avoided the creaky floorboard in the hall. Her father would wake for sure, or wo
:iconanaravenwood:anaravenwood 2 16
Impossible Love
What was it that made them love each other? They were so different. Ana was of forest and of sun; Fang was of sea and of night. She had copper hair and pale peach skin while he had raven’s wing hair and an olive complexion. She was social, he was not. She was elf. He was vampire. It was a wonder they didn’t kill each other. Yet somehow love came about.
Was it the eyes that drew him in? The retorts to his insults? Her gentle hands on his head when he grew ill? He didn’t know.
Was it his voice that attracted her? His sharp tongue? His lack of the ability to smile? She didn’t know.
But she loved him, and he loved her.
He had her throat to his ear, her lips to his face, and yet he didn’t bite. She had his hands on her waist, her arms around his neck, and yet she didn’t fight it. What was it that changed in them? Was it magic or enchantments?
He might have said she was enchanting. She might have said he was entrancing. They might have been looking at each other
:iconanaravenwood:anaravenwood 1 4
The Death of Ana Ravenwood
It came upon that the famous healer-elf of the forest had lived for a long time. She had lived for thousands of years and had many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, great-great-great-grandchildren, and so on. She and her vampire pirate husband Fang were still full of life and happy together. They had seen much adventure, gone through many times, good and bad, and had enjoyed their lives immensely. But the problem was the forest was dying and full of humans too stupid to know what they were destroying. They wanted the wood for things that the elves were too intelligent to even think of wasting wood on. The throne had long since been abandoned by the king. The queen, the prince, and the prince’s wife still remained but did not know what to do. Ana knew. She gathered together the many friends, relatives, and descendants that she had and bid them goodbye in a day-long farewell. At dusk, she made a speech that was quoted, recorded, and remembered
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Fulfilling the Prophesy
The Knowing
Past the fields of farmlands and the scattered towns and ordinary villages; beyond a vast forest of wondrous creatures, magical mysteries, and dark secrets, on the last snowy mountain of the Sky mountain range but before the vast seas meet the feet of the peaks lay the dwelling of the Protector of Knowledge. The only sign of human life on the barren, icy peak was a door. Ancient and worn by years of snowdrifts, windstorms, and blown scattered sands, the dark stained oak door set into the mountain stood firm. It hung on black, rusted iron hinges that stretched in thick black bands across the worn wood. The handle was a large black, rusty ring, the size of a hand spread wide, with intricate dips imprinted into it that hung, waiting to be lifted in greeting.
Occasional flashes of sunlight on the mountain revealed rippled glass windows imbedded into the stone and scattered across the cliff’s ancient, but still rough, rugged face.
The Keeper of Knowledge didn’t
:iconanaravenwood:anaravenwood 1 9
There was shattered glass everywhere. She stood staring at the wreckage of what had been her parents' car. The blue paint was scratched and one of the doors was entirely torn off. There was red splattered on the seats, the ground, the pieces of broken glass. She couldn't even hear the screams of the ambulance sirens. There was no point of having an ambulance there. They were dead. White sheets covered two forms she couldn't bear to look at and the scene was permanently staining itself into her memory. She would see it forever in her nightmares. She didn't feel the hand guiding her away, didn't feel the coat that covered her arms. It wasn't her outside that was cold, even if it was 32 and windy. She was frozen inside. They tried to feed her but she wouldn't eat. She just sat staring into space. She was frozen in time.
They took her to the police station to answer questions. The police officer asked her if she had seen the driver of the car. She shook her head in a slow, mechanical way.
:iconanaravenwood:anaravenwood 1 7
Lily-Ana Tells of Her Daughter
It doesn’t hurt anymore, to look at her. When she was a child, after the fever, I couldn’t bear to look at her eyes. They were such beautiful eyes, a mixture of sapphire-blue and emerald-green, and they couldn’t see me. It hurt so much to know that those tiny eyes, that weeks before had sparkled up at me and focused on my face, now no more saw me than they saw the little mobile above her crib, the one with birds and dragons and other animals that our friend Roy had made just for her; for my Lily, my last baby.
I blamed myself for the longest time. I thought I could have done more. I’m a healer and an elf, I have magic and knowledge and I couldn’t save the sight of my precious baby. For a long time I was afraid she was going to die. The fever was dangerously high and she had a rough rash all over her body. She threw up sometimes and often shivered, though her skin burned. Her tongue was coated too. I had to use magic mostly; you can’t just give an infant of
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