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Circumnavigated by anapests-and-ink Circumnavigated :iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 3 2
My Pain is Like an Old Friend
It’s the kind of friend
you can’t really remember
how you met, or why
you still hang out.
The kind of friend
who gives you a monkey’s paw
and tells you it works
just like a genie’s lamp,
go ahead, make a wish.
The kind of friend
your Momma warned you about,
who gets you hooked on drugs
and drags you down dark alleys.
The kind of friend
who takes you to the banks
of a wide river, and says
stay here.  Float for a while.
Drift on the meditation of agony,
and tell me what you learn.
:iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 7 9
Walking to Work on a Monday Morning
Crushed beer bottles,
like flower petals,
adorn the morning
sidewalk.  Sparrows
flutter in formation
from crumb to crumb.
Graffiti Malala smiles, saying
“You’re halfway to work;
you’re halfway from home.”
:iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 3 3
Sunset in Reverse by anapests-and-ink Sunset in Reverse :iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 8 4
Caravan Palace
The stage is lit
by lasers and light tubes,
the air a blend
of sour diesel weed,
cotton candy vape,
cigars, popcorn and poutine.
A man in a seersucker
suit and straw hat
two-steps with a woman
twirling a glow-in-the-dark
hula hoop.
I press two fingers
to my clavicle,
feeling the heartbeat
of the bass saxophone.
:iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 3 9
Flagstones (Section 170 (7))
I went back to the secret
waterfall where once
we professed our love
and poured libations to the gods,
only the river had dried
to a trickle
and was choked
with leaves.
I stood there
on the wide dry stones,
listening to the humbled
murmur of lost waters,
and realized
that when the river was gone
it became a road.
:iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 51 17
Please Reuse or Recycle by anapests-and-ink Please Reuse or Recycle :iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 3 2 The Bacchae by anapests-and-ink The Bacchae :iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 1 2 Night Rest Stop by anapests-and-ink Night Rest Stop :iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 1 1
Toffee and Ashes
Her lumpy braid twists round itself,
strands of black and gold untangling,
curliques of brunette dangling
above the toffee-colored shelf
of her shoulders.  Her eyes, dark as ashes,
burn between her chomping lashes.
:iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 7 3
Sightseeing by anapests-and-ink Sightseeing :iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 6 4
Kurt Cobain and Gentle Mystics (Excerpt)
Student parking was beyond teacher parking, at the back of the school by the baseball diamond.  Over the years, there had been more than a few cracked windshields, but students rarely complained.  Free reign to drive yourself to school tended to make little things like trashing your clunker  insignificant.  It was those really bad balls that made it to the teacher lot that caused trouble.
Jess had backed the car up right to the very edge of the lot.  Britney and she sat on the hood, feet up on the bumper.  The 1991 Crown Victoria was boxier than a picnic basket and easily lent itself to sitting.  Keith was leaning on the open rear passenger door.  Germ was talking to Ricky, one of the Junior Varsity baseball players already on the field.  Keith may have been the popular one, but Germ could hold a conversation with anybody.  While we watched, he laughed, punching Ricky on the shoulder.  Ricky grinned back, shooting a quick glance at
:iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 3 8
Fig and Hazel at the Mall
“Hmm,” Hazel said.  “Let me see.  That one.”
He pointed off somewhere over Fig's left shoulder.  She licked her plastic fork, then stabbed it in her slightly mushy lo mein.  “Hazel,” she said, “You know it's rude to point.”
Hazel grinned.  On his boyish face, it was positively mischievous.  “Okay, fine.  The one in the blue top and short-shorts.  With the purple Chuck Taylors.”
Fig twisted in her seat, unsubtly scanning the crowd on the other end of the food court.  “You sure?  She's got long hair.”
“My dear, dear Fig,” Hazel said, “You need to learn to let go of all these stereotypes.  It's unbecoming.”
“Yeah, whatever.”  Fig picked back up her fork, twirling a strand of lo mein like it was spaghetti.  “I still don't see how you could think she's gay.”
“You're really going to question this?”
:iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 5 11
Afternoon Break by anapests-and-ink Afternoon Break :iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 2 4 Autumn by anapests-and-ink Autumn :iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 2 5 Philadelphia Airport by anapests-and-ink Philadelphia Airport :iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 9 11

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JULY - Traditional AUGUST -
:icondistortedsmile:DistortedSmile 14 3
Walk down corridor.
Someone approaching. Fellow worker? Make eye contact. Smile. Say hello.
Eyes averted, he continues.
Have to be polite; don't have to be acknowledged.
Door open. Invitation  to enter? She looks up. Anger.
"You can't just wander in without being asked."
Leave. Darkness. No transport. Walk quickly. He catches me anyway. Call for help. Nobody comes.
The weak can be discarded.
He holds my throat. Takes my blood.
This will lead to death.
I'm not dead. I feel better. I return.
I know the rules. I tap on the open door.
She doesn't look up.
"Come in."
:iconscfrankles:SCFrankles 2 7
London to Shrewsbury in 15 Hours
Spots of rain kept time on the windows. The mother paused in the midst of I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls, lifted her hands from the keyboard and turned round.
"The piano is not for playing on," she said.
The three little aliens in front of her opened their mouths for the riposte, but she had taken part in this game before and managed to get in first.
"You may attempt to play music on it, under my supervision," she said, "but I don't want to see anyone crossing California on it, endeavouring to evade Dick Turpin or recreating the inaugural run of the Royal Mail. It's a Brinsmead, not a stagecoach." She watched their faces. "Do you understand me?"
Three little heads nodded. Brown eyes and her father's nose, dark brown eyes and his father's nose, immensely brown eyes and… God knows. She had her suspicions about the older two, but with her younger son she just straightforwardly assumed the hospital had given her the wrong child.
The mother turned back to the tall uprig
:iconscfrankles:SCFrankles 4 4
Intrigue Behind the English Dictionaries
Color vs. Colour
On an international site such as dA, you often run across cute debates about whether to use an extra "u" or whether it is apologize or apologise. Few people know that this debate was once an international hot button issue between the US and Britain. Noah Webster started compiling An American Dictionary of the English Language in 1807. Eighteen years later he published the most comprehensive overhaul of the American English language. To research the etymology of words, Webster learned over twenty foreign languages, including Arabic and Sanskrit.
Webster chose to revise many of the traditional British English spellings, thinking them too complicated. He dropped the 'u' from words like colour and revised centre and theatre to end in -er. Webster felt that these changes were necessary to help further establish the United States as a
:iconliliwrites:LiliWrites 11 46
The path of least
Resistance on a matchstick
Does not exist to those
Who fit their faces
On the match head.
I pocket my to-do list,
Bring back Pluto
To the planetary family,
And purchase
A packet of matches.
I scratch-ignite, scratch-
Ignite with circus
Sideshow curiosity
At my newfound pastels.
The etiquette among
Arsonists and planets
Is to not inhale
The other's carcinogens
And see how many
Faces fit match heads.
:iconnichrysalis:Nichrysalis 7 3
I never had enough faith in you,
my best postmodern pixie friend,
who presses herself against my shoulder
killing her fall with leaning.
You taught me something new
about anxiety today:
                            how to wake
up when it's morning, how to miss
 dactylic illness with the parched
        indelicacy of a crinkled sun.
  In the eternal rendition you say
your name is always in the vocative
          case, and only vocative:
says the girl
who taught a smaller girl to sing,
a girl of thirteen, with the same
nimble character we shared, the same
calderical eyes we shared.
                         The girl's voice
       tumbles out of its weakness:
a chaotic calling out to the deltaic
    rush of rain, a grimy smoker's
   howl: monadic, suffering, fresh
and intimate.
:iconarchelyxs:archelyxs 41 36
Les Temps Perdu
she was something adamant
and alwaysyoung
her neck like grape and sugar in grains
she would kiss me now and then
somewhere on the scars by my eyes
where, slaying dragons, I fell from
haystack castles into barb-wire borderlands
as a child
and her kiss
those rough, sweet lips
the taste of a newpenny hammered brass sunrise
rising in the newborn Marchy rains: green and earthy
like fishing
or the first drive to school
windows down, radio up,
on dirt roads through August cornfields
learners-permit style
and adamant
like the first shot of tequila
crushed with ice and stars
:iconfritob:FritoB 3 0
Prosepoetry: A History and Feature
Before we dive into the article, here are two things you should look for:
Dotted Underlines reveal interesting facts when hovered over.
At the bottom of the article are features!
Prosepoetry: A History
In the beginning there was prose and there was poetry. Prose was well-suited for the telling of stories, fiction and non-fiction alike. Similarly, but usually more succinctly, poetry can deal with the same subject matter, but with a wider array of phonetic and aesthetic tools at his or her disposal for the writer. Enter the prosepoem: a composition written as prose but having the concentrated, rhythmic, figurative language characteristic of poetry.
Sometimes a prosepoem is inaccurately described as purple prose, when the two are actually very easily distinguishable from the other. Purple prose is something to be avoided because of its loquaciousness, or its use of unnecessary and convoluted vocabulary. Prosepoems may have some aspects that appear to have the
:iconnichrysalis:Nichrysalis 30 35
Tricksters in Mythology and Folklore
Abenaki mythology: Azeban
 African mythology: Ekwensu, Thlokunyana
 Afrocuban mythology: Changó
 Akan mythology: Kwaku Ananse
 American folklore: Brer Rabbit (or Compere Lapin) and Aunt Nancy, a corruption of Anansi (Anansee)
 Arabian mythology: Juha, Sinbad, Sheherazade, Genies
 Ashanti folklore: Anansi
 Australian Aboriginal mythology: Bamapana, Crow
 Aztec mythology: Huehuecoyotl, Tezcatlipoca
 Babylonian mythology: Lilith
 Bantu mythology: Hare (Tsuro or Kalulu)
 Basque mythology: San Martin Txiki
 Brazilian folklore: Curupira, Saci-Pererê
 Bulgarian folklore: Hitar Petar
 Bushmen/San Folklore: Kaggen
 Caribbean folklore: Anansi
 Celtic mythology: Fairy, Puck, puca
 Chilean mythology: Pedro Urdemales ("Peter Urdemales" in English)
 Chinese mythology: Huli jing (Fox spirit), Nezha, Red Boy, Sun Wukong (Monkey King)
 Cree mythology: Wisakedjak
 Croatian: Petrica Kerempuh
:iconbloodrainfiredawn:BloodrainFireDawn 9 7
Tricksters in Mythology and Folklore
Article Series: Tricksters in Literature, Part 1 of 5
     Perhaps the most well-known trickster at present is Loki, the Norse Trickster god, thanks in large part to Tom Hiddleston’s brilliant portrayal of Loki Laufeyson in the blockbusters Thor and The Avengers. These films portray Loki as a scheming and manipulative, yet still sympathetic, character. But what was the real Loki like? And by “real,” I mean the Loki from Norse mythology rather than the character portrayed in popular media, which is meant to simply entertain.
Loki, Norse Trickster God

"LOKI" by Anna Khlystova (Spiritius) Spiritius
     To answer that question, we must first understand what a trickster is and the role tricksters play in the mythologies of var
:iconbloodrainfiredawn:BloodrainFireDawn 33 24
Art History Project: Isaac Asimov
A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

- The Three Laws of Robotics
Isaac Asimov

If you've ever read anything in your life, watched a movie or followed any sci-fi you were influenced by Asimov, even if you didn't know it.
Biochemist. Professor. Historian. Author. Pioneer. Even humorist. Asimov was a very prolific artist writing over 500 books, essays, short histories, scientific articles and even a spoof chemistry article which confused more than one. Asimov wrote 8 hours a day everyday, armed with nothing more than typewriters for most of his life.
Probably the biggest contributions of Isaac Asimov were to the field of sc
:icontalty:Talty 38 61
The dragons just kept getting cuter.
I'd meant them to be scary, with snakelike heads and pearly fangs, but as my fingers gained more practice the dragons they shaped became younger and more innocent, their wings tiny and their eyes wide. Dull spikes lined their heads and tails, not yet sharpened by age. They lay on their bellies or sat up and watched with good-natured curiosity. They were friendly. They were sweet.
They were flawed, and there were a lot of them. I experimented with color and pose, sculpting the way others would turn a stress ball. Every morning I baked the newcomers in my oven, and within a week my desk was overrun. Rows of dragons pressed against my laptop from all sides. Some I enjoyed looking at. Others were a reminder of some mistake I'd made. Putting the horns on before the eyes. Making the legs too thin so it tilted drunkenly while baking. Not realizing that some clay changes color as it solidifies.
What to do with them all? I couldn't keep them even if I'd want
:iconflyingguineapig:FlyingGuineaPig 615 95
2012-263 Two wheeler by pearwood 2012-263 Two wheeler :iconpearwood:pearwood 7 18
Mature content
Roanoke :iconmvtk42:mvtk42 160 151



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I've been working on myself.  On being more open.  On being more vulnerable.  For years, I've written short imagist poems and long-form fiction.  I've added a layer between myself and what I write.  Maybe I would let my protagonist say aloud or act out some of my fears, but I seldom put them in my own voice.

I can't do it that way any more.

Sometimes life hits you hard, abruptly, exposing all your blind spots.  This artificial distance between myself and what I write is one of those blind spots.  I'm working on changing that now.

I haven't been writing pretty, carefully crafted little snapshots lately.  I still see beauty all around me.  I still feel that the best way to capture those glimpses of the infinite is through words.  But these days it isn't enough to write about the beauty and ignore the pain.  I have to write it all.  The universe has taught me that.

Sometimes, when you're trying to sing through the screams, it's better to take a deep breath and go hardcore.

​Don't worry, I'll still sing.  Just expect a lot more throat-grinding mixed in.


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Hello! I'm...

a Deconstructionist. It's my religion.

a writer and a reader. Both are equally important.

always willing to leave a comment. Just ask.


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