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A Prisoner's Friend [Loki FanFic]
               The thirteen year old girl watched quivering as Odin, the Allfather and ruler of Asgard analyzed her entire being with a mere glance as he decided her fate. She discreetly, or as best as she could, wiped her sweaty palms on the sides of her faded jeans. Her light-brown hair was messier than usual and quite a bit of it had fallen loose of her ponytail; beads of sweat ran down her pale face. She bit her lip and unknowingly held her breath when Odin began to speak.
               “Alison of Midgard,” he began, his words slow and his voice echoing through the great hall in the palace. “For your crimes here in Asgard, you will be sentenced to a year of work,” he decided.
               Alison managed to exhale a little. Well, that wasn’t the worst punishment, right?
               But Odin
:iconananonymousperson:AnAnonymousPerson 7 13
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... Yeah not really.
Lee twirled a lock of her brown hair as she read her book; technically she was supposed to be working, but it was highly unlikely that there would be anyone checking in whilst the rain was pounding outside. Of course, the moment she thought that someone came in; and, of course, she was too engrossed in her book to notice.
"Is that a good book?" She jumped,
"How long have you been there?" She exclaimed,
"Only a few seconds," the man replied smiling at her.
"Okay, few..." She pushed a strand of hair back behind her ear as she examined him. He was in his late twenties to early thirties and had blonde hair (or at least she thought it was blonde- it's kind of hard to tell when it's soaking wet) and was quite tall; he reminded her of someone, but she couldn't put her finger on who. "How can I help you?" She inquired,
"I'd like a room, please, Miss..."
"My name's Lee, what's yours?" He bit his lip for a moment before answering,
"I'm Tom, Tom Hiddleston."
"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Hiddl
:iconananonymousperson:AnAnonymousPerson 4 183
A Horror Like No Other
There are few things that can scare Steve Rogers, modern technology, Red Skull, and the thought of him and his friends going to H*** are on the top of the list. Or at least they were, now the super-soldier ran from a horror worse than any other. His heart pounded and it felt like there were waves crashing against the insides of his skull as he ran for what felt like eternity, but the thing only got closer...and closer... and closer. He spared it a horrified glance. Big mistake, he stumbled and fell on the rough pavement. The thing spoke once again, its words like flames against his weakened mind.
Steve screamed; waking up to find that sweat drenched his formerly pristine sheets and had collected in beads on his forehead. His door slammed open and the rest of Avengers (well, except for Tony) poured in, varying degrees of alarm showing on their faces. Barton's arrows and Natasha's gun were at the ready, and Thor was clutching Mjolner (his dear, beloved hammer). Clint and Na
:iconananonymousperson:AnAnonymousPerson 3 4
MustGetCoffee by AnAnonymousPerson MustGetCoffee :iconananonymousperson:AnAnonymousPerson 2 19 Rainy Something by AnAnonymousPerson Rainy Something :iconananonymousperson:AnAnonymousPerson 1 6


Morning grump by Silvah-Rush Morning grump :iconsilvah-rush:Silvah-Rush 15 2 I'm not supposed to be anyone by RAMWOC87 I'm not supposed to be anyone :iconramwoc87:RAMWOC87 178 63
Your ego wants.
It is sometimes disguised
as your heart
or your mind.
YOU don't want.
you simply A R E
Your worldly desires tell you
that you could be
when everything you need
you already have.
:iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 310 57
TV Tropes - Nicodemus
Another vital character in Terence's story I've hardly spoken of but hope to shed a little more light on.
:bulletred: Alone in a Crowd: Even among his fellow unicorns, Nicodemus doesn't have anybody. He doesn't even have a mate or any offspring of his own. That's what makes his relationship with Terence's family so significant.
:bulletred: Big Good: He may not be big in stature, but you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of him and who doesn't respect him, even if they won't (fully) admit it.
:bulletred: Cool Old Guy: Or cool old unicorn, or whatever you want to call him.
:bulletred: Family of Choice: He has no biological family, but he has come to think of Amethyst and her sons as family, and vice versa. He certainly liked Amethyst well enough to have his heart broken when she died, and he kept an eye on Terence and Tristan until they became mature stallions.
:bulletred: Friend to All Living Things:
:iconunicorn-skydancer08:unicorn-skydancer08 1 0
New Interview
I got a call from WinCo Foods yesterday, and I called them back today. When I told them I was still interested in the position (I applied as a bakery clerk), they penciled me in for an interview on January 4.
So I'll still get to work for Barnes and Noble for at least a month.
I hear WinCo offers great benefits. You get paid leave, insurance coverage (I could sure use something like that), a generous portion of the store's stock, and the place is still close to home; it'd only be a 10 to 15 minute drive. Plus, I do like bakeries; I prefer baked goods to fast food (not to diss anyone who works in fast food). I would rather be around the smell of bread and pie all day, I like to have fun in my own kitchen, and I might even get to decorate a cake of my very own one of these days.
Might not be my ultimate dream job, but maybe it will serve me better in the long run. At least it would be a decent, stable job, doing something worthwhile. And I could still shop at B&N and write on the side.
:iconunicorn-skydancer08:unicorn-skydancer08 1 28
Cratchit and Scrooge by unicorn-skydancer08 Cratchit and Scrooge :iconunicorn-skydancer08:unicorn-skydancer08 15 15 Everyman_Memento Mori by AshATurner Everyman_Memento Mori :iconashaturner:AshATurner 6 0 Pokemon Shamming Pikachu by EweLamb-Lover Pokemon Shamming Pikachu :iconewelamb-lover:EweLamb-Lover 5 0 Pokemon Shamming Arcanine by EweLamb-Lover Pokemon Shamming Arcanine :iconewelamb-lover:EweLamb-Lover 5 1 Pokemon Shamming Throh by EweLamb-Lover Pokemon Shamming Throh :iconewelamb-lover:EweLamb-Lover 3 2 In a world of my own by RAMWOC87 In a world of my own :iconramwoc87:RAMWOC87 43 24 Memento Mori by AshATurner Memento Mori :iconashaturner:AshATurner 11 3
Naga, Wraith, Vampire in a Bar
A Naga, A Wraith, and a Vampire Walk into a Bar
"Okay, okay, this is a good one - hey, are you listening? Hey, listen!"
"If we listen," the normally silent Vampire Lord murmured, shuffling the five cards in his hand with surprising dexterity, "Will you shut up?"
"Hey," Tyrel frowned, his bottom lip almost pouting, "That's not very nice." He paused, considering, "And its not like I'm even really that noisy or anything."
"Aren't you supposed to be part snake?" Zephier's voice echoed in their minds, dry and raspy, skin blue-grey and highly translucent. He was arranging his hand as well, though with the use of his mind as his body was not solid enough to physically move things; the cards floated before his body, his hands relaxed on the table, "You are noisy. I would think a Naga to be a silent, deadly predator, not some babbling loud mouth."
"That's not very nice either."
"Nor would I expect one of your nature to care about niceties anyway," Quain respon
:iconh-7:H-7 80 76
Death and Decay by AshATurner Death and Decay :iconashaturner:AshATurner 17 2 My Christmas Carol - Page 1 by unicorn-skydancer08 My Christmas Carol - Page 1 :iconunicorn-skydancer08:unicorn-skydancer08 7 29
Hanging in there
I still have my emotional ups and downs, and I doubt things will get better anytime soon, if ever.
But I'm starting to pick myself up again, brush off the dust, and keep on going.
If you have no control over what happens in your life, at least you have control over how you react. You can let your sadness drown you, or you can take the advice of Dory and "just keep swimming, just keep swimming."
My writing and art, as always, have been a great help. My friends and family have been a great help, too. (That includes you who are reading this now.) And I've yet to acquire a new job, but you can bet I'm pounding the pavement out there. I'll let you know if anything clicks. Someone will have to hire me sooner or later.
The good news is that same bookstore I applied to several months before is now accepting help for the Christmas holidays. Maybe that's when I can get my lucky break. I'll just apply again and see what happens.
And in spite of all the bad that's happened (and not just to me), th
:iconunicorn-skydancer08:unicorn-skydancer08 3 29


Have you been well or had any interesting events happen? I myself have been great!

I was at Goodwill the other day, looking in the Electronics section , and lo and behold! I came across a beautiful item- an electronic typewriter. I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these for a while, though, as unwilling to part with my money as I am, I had no real intention of buying it. However, my Mom saw it it and, knowing my odd desire to have a collection of typewriters, began looking it over, recognizing that it was something that I want, and bought it for me! That makes it the third typewriter I that own (I wasn't the one to pay for any of them, which I have mixed feelings about). Also, my Mom was ordering me a new spool of correction-ribbon and found out that the typewriter was being sold for a tenth of the proce as the same kind online!



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Welcome to my page, I am AnAnoymousPerson.

I have a few rules that I wish to be followed whilst commenting on my works or sending me a note:
- Don't be inappropriate.
- Don't be rude.
- Don't swear.
- Remember that I tend to be tactless and probably didn't mean to be rude to you if I was...

And that's about it!

Have a good day!
- AnAnonymousPerson


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