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Mad Scientist, retro style. by Ananisapta Mad Scientist, retro style. :iconananisapta:Ananisapta 0 0
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Greek's Baring Shifts :iconananisapta:Ananisapta 1 0
The Boy from Hidden Leaf
The Boy from Hidden Leaf
There was movement in the village for the word had quickly spread
That the kid from Uchiha had run away
And had joined with dark Orochi – wanted his brother dead
So had gone to get some power, to him slay.
All the Jounin level ninja were too busy to go far
So the Hokage called Shikamaru to her sight
"Get together all the Genin, starting now from where you are,
And lead a team to bring him back tonight."
There was Neji, with Byakugan, the eyes that see all round,
And Choji, the one with guts to spare and some;
And Kiba, with beside him his life-companion hound.
Akamaru – not a dog you could call dumb.
And Shikamaru Nara was the leader of the band,
A better combat planner never lived;
For never tricks could throw him had he time to make a plan,
And the band was there to make quite sure he did.
And one there was, a prankster, clad in orange garb,
For subtlety and stealth was not his way,
That Sasuke had left him had been a stinging barb,
But for l
:iconananisapta:Ananisapta 3 7
Ode to Herpes Zoster
Ode to Herpes Zoster
When little tots get chicken-pox
They just come out with lots of spots
Varicella-zoster’s evil
Is to cause some skin upheaval
Vesicular skin eruption
Is the mode of choice for function
A feature that should be made patent
Is then the virus becomes latent.
You think it’s vanished, good and gone
But it’s in your dorsal ganglion.
Some years later, down the track
Herpes Zoster comes right back
Feeling old, immunity low,
That’s when the virus loves to show.
Renamed, refreshed, with vim and verve,
It travels down your sensory nerve,
Then to make you moan and groan,
It infects a dermatome
Alas! Alack! A last alert!
The spots are back, but now they HURT!
So dear colleagues, bear in mind,
That Shingles (not the roofing kind)
Although they stay in a single slot,
One thing’s for sure; fun they’re not!
:iconananisapta:Ananisapta 4 4
An Alphabet of Depression
An Alphabet of Depression
A is for Apathy, when you really don’t care
B is for Blackness, when you sink in despair.
C is for Cutting, you do it with knives
D is for Drugs, its how to take lives.
E is for Empty, when you’re all hollowed out
F is for Feelings, got to figure them out
G is for Guilty, that’s how you feel
H is for Helping, a way you can heal
I is for Isolation, you’re all on your own
J is for Joyless, it’s all just a drone
K is for Kindness, it makes you more sad
L is for Life, a thing you once had
M is for Morbid, the thoughts in your head
N is for Neglecting, too much and you’re dead
O is for Oppression, it’s all just too much
P is for Poison, cyanide and such
Q is for Queer, the looks that you get
R is for Rorschach, the blots make you fret
S is for Silence, the sounds that you hear
T is for Torment, which won’t stop your fear
U is for Unloved, a description of you
V is for Vapid, those preaching ‘renew’
W is for Worsen,
:iconananisapta:Ananisapta 8 11
A Naruto Alphabet
A Naruto Alphabet.
A is for Asuma, the guy with the knives,
With his chain-smoking habit he endangers young lives.
B is for Byakugan, the whitest of eyes
It sees all directions and is never surprised.
C is for Choji, but don’t call him fat,
He may be big boned, but he likes it like that.
D is for Danzo, the leader of Root
For things like emotion he won’t give a hoot.
E is for Ebisu, the master of education
Closet perversion is his aberration
F is for Fandom, the Naruto obsessed
I’m in that number, as you may have guessed
G is for Gaara, the Ninja of Sand,
The grains of the desert are his to command
H is for Hokage, the leader of the Leaf,
He died in the series, much to our grief
I is for Itachi, the Mangekyo user,
He fights little Sasuke, but he is the loser.
J is for Jiraiya, the pervy toad sage
In his pursuits of ‘research’, he won’t act his age.
K is for Kakashi, coolest of all
His lone Sharingan will copy it all.
L is for Lee, who works really h
:iconananisapta:Ananisapta 652 375
An Alphabet of Evil
An Alphabet of Evil
A is for Abomination, an unnatural creature
Its misshapen parts are the definitive feature
B is for Bog-Beast, which lurks in the loo,
It hides in the S-bend till it’s time to grab you
C is for Cackle, a mad witch’s laugh
She boils up children in a pot on her hearth
D is for Darkness, the cover of night
When the wolf song is rising and the bats all take flight
E is for Ectoplasm, of which ghosts are made
An ethereal substance, in light it will fade
F is for Fail, which you surely must do,
When all of the force of the Dark’s after you.
G is for Good, no place for it here
The Legions of Evil spread hatred and fear.
H is for Horror, which makes your skin crawl
Like when things from the graveyard slip over the wall.
I is for Imp, who lives to annoy,
He’s up to his tricks, and you are his toy.
J is for Jealousy, with which the Queen grapples.
She’ll poison her rival with a bushel of apples.
K is for Kill, which the villain will try
To do t
:iconananisapta:Ananisapta 19 12
An Alphabet of the Fantastic
An Alphabet of the Fantastic
Alphabet of the Fantastic
A is for Apple, so rosy and bright.
‘Twil send you to sleep with only a bite.
B is for Bear; he’s a Prince in Disguise
He’s under a spell, just look at his eyes.
C is for Court, where the King and Queen rule,
Beware the advisor, take heed of the fool.
D is for Dragon, ancient and bored
He spends all his days just guarding his hoard.
E is for Easy, as this Quest will not be,
Beware monsters and traps, and search for the key.
F is for Forest, where trees can be found
You’ll travel here often and sleep on the ground
G is for Goblin, so cunning and sly;
You can ask him his name, but he’ll tell you a lie
H is for Hero, handsome and tall;
Renowned through the land, he’ll rescue us all.
I is for Important, a matter most dire
Like throwing a ring into a great fire
J is for Jester, with the wisdom of fools,
He’s the prophet of fate, and we’re all his tools
K is for Kingdom; if you help out th
:iconananisapta:Ananisapta 9 19
Zebra Boy by Ananisapta Zebra Boy :iconananisapta:Ananisapta 0 9 Mouseboy by Ananisapta Mouseboy :iconananisapta:Ananisapta 0 2 Fish boy by Ananisapta Fish boy :iconananisapta:Ananisapta 0 0 Flamingo Boy by Ananisapta Flamingo Boy :iconananisapta:Ananisapta 0 0 Mercury-flytrap boy by Ananisapta Mercury-flytrap boy :iconananisapta:Ananisapta 1 2 The Canininator by Ananisapta The Canininator :iconananisapta:Ananisapta 2 2 Snake boy by Ananisapta Snake boy :iconananisapta:Ananisapta 0 13 Birdboy by Ananisapta Birdboy :iconananisapta:Ananisapta 1 0

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Hi all,

It has been years since I last uploaded anything, for various personal reasons.  But that has now changed.  I know that most of you who watched me did so because of the Naruto Alphabet; the bad news is I have not produced anything further fandom related, or any more acrostics

The good news is that I am writing again, and have produced several more poems on varied topics - I just haven't uploaded them here.  Instead, you can find them at

Thank-you for your attention :)
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