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ZomBAB GA Event 2018

Sat Aug 4, 2018, 5:56 PM


The Round 2 of ZomBAB Guest Design is happening! FOR ZomBAB-Laboratory's ANNIVERSARY!
The doctors will be extremely picky and their will be a limited number so give it your best cause we're doing a late-Halloween mischief celebration!

Application period ENDS: September 1st, 2018
Posting of designs STARTS: October 31, 2018

  • You can use all traits/tiers for ONE guest adopt ONLY.
  • 90% of your fee goes to you OR 85% + MYO ticket
  • Discord is required to all chosen artists.
  • Mod applications is optional if desired to get MODERATOR PERKS

Reference for the specie: ZomBAB Specie GUIDE 2018 update


Are you up for drawing Halloween-themed designs?
Do you desire to be a moderator?
Adopt Sample/s:

  • Playing: hooky with NEM.



So, I decided to make animatic commissions. They're not really an animatic but more like a song video of images creatively patched up to look like decent work. It may contain eye-blinking sometimes and minimal animations. My tentative opening date is on November- December but most probably on Christmas break. I think I'll only make one or two. The commission will be auctioned ranging from $120-300 (SB-AB) They're really time-consuming to make and a lil bit draining because I have to listen to the same song over and over again when matching up frames.

Commission Specs:
  • 3-4 different illustrations of a single highlighted character. 
    I won't accept over-complicated designs. Characters like background figures/silhouettes is free of charge (like a crowd of blurry peeps etc.) Additional characters like a partner is an additional $25 on the winning bid. It already covers every appearance.
  •  1-7 additional objects.
    See videos below for samples. Bonuses may be included (free of charge) like glitches, broken tv effects and additional drawings.
  • 2 minute video + lyrics.
    The video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel. The video will have a maximum of 2 minutes. If it exceeds, it is upon my decision and is free of charge. 
  • Playing: hooky with NEM.

PURGE R2: desperate, take em away!

Wed Jul 25, 2018, 4:44 AM

ROUND 2 PURGE: This will be a MORE easy purge cause I'm don't feel the sparks with them most especially most of the CS. But please don't lowball me.
Also, I am also purging my watchlist and I'll only watch those important to me and with arts I like. Please do not take this as an offense if I unwatched you. This time I want to be honest with myself.

Arrow left…
Arrow left

Arrow left USD and/or ART
Arrow left MYO Dainty (2)


Luminiere for Bebedonut 
Dreawie for obbscure

oof and I made more video, please leave a like and sub!
amma make more content i swear--


  • Playing: hooky with NEM.

anana's comms [CLOSED]

Thu Jul 19, 2018, 10:11 PM
Hello guys, it would be a while again when I open my commissions so for now feel free to look around here. Kindly comment if you want to be pinged on the next opening! Thank you so much in advance!


Sparkles included with extra small stuff + small diorama (plants n' flooring)
+ Kindly tell me if you want a particular background color or if you want a transparent file. Or both.
+ Add. charges for huge items e.g. bed, cabinet, couch etc. (+$2)
Cn'C Commission Batch 1 by ANANAALOG
Cn'C Batch 2 by ANANAALOGis this the actual content i post? by ANANAALOG

GLItCHy SCENARIO $37 - $43

 Portrait $37 | Half/Thigh $43
Simple animation included! Simple background, cropping may apply. I work best when given freedom to decide some stuff in the account of providing me an accurate description of the character. I may additionals free of charge but it depends on my mood.

THIS IS FREE : pick only TWO glitch effects which I will give you for free:
scanlines, pixelated glitch, slice, wobble, shake, dotted noise, vignette.
Amount of Glitch: NONE, faint, noticeable (low), noticeable (high), TOO MUCH

+ Complex character (+$4)
+ Add. character (+$10)
+ Add. animation [e.g. the effects above, eye blink, confetti] (+$5 each)
good mowning [animated] by ANANAALOG swimming with a lot of nem-ohs [animated] by ANANAALOG
diamonds are a girl's bestfriend [animated] by ANANAALOG anana nem by ANANAALOG


Commission type: ---
Reference: [name] [th/stash]
Personality: [short description]
Extras and Others: [put additional here]

Is it fine if I ever add bonuses to the artwork?
(like surprise additional animations/objects)

  • Playing: hooky with NEM.


Thu Jul 5, 2018, 11:09 PM

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined, this raffle is not possible without you guys!
Oof and we have surprise prizes cause the raffle has been successful!

Pixel sparkle divider 

Black Sparkle 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO Black Sparkle 2  
:iconbugsuu: :iconfuanteinaa:

You won a Semi-fullbody GIF illustration! Yipee!
Feel free to send me your references, okay? o w <

Pixel sparkle divider 
Black Sparkle 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO Black Sparkle 2 
:iconkikianii: :icondai-rie:
You guys won a CRYSTAL CHEEB AHHHHHHHhhhh!
Feel free to send me your references, okay? o w <

Black Sparkle 1 Ooh, and what's this!?Black Sparkle 2 

Pixel sparkle divider 
Since there's a lot of people who joined, I added a 6 ZOMBAB Common MYO Tier ticket as prizes! YEY! Come on that's a total of ten prizes, let's celebrate! I know... I'm soft-hearted. We got 6 more WINNERS!

If you don't want the tickets, I can just re-roll and find new winners, don't worry I will not take it the wrong way  OWo

:iconalexg47::iconcloe-luana-luna: :iconnayanachi: :iconreojin: :iconkimisu-with-candy: :iconmasterrj:

Raffle Pics by ANANAALOG


Stay tuned for more raffles, I hope you guys have a nice day!

  • Playing: hooky with NEM.


We now open ZomBAB-Laboratory's very first event! Surely you wouldn't want to miss so step right up boys, step right up! Welcome to ZomBAB-Laboratory's WHITE COAT ORDERS EVENT!



Winners tagged, noted and announced!

Nem and Darius lost six(6) very important items and now they're making a fuss! We need your help to find their missing items or else it will be chaos inside the facility!

WHAT's missing: Nem's Netflix Stash(3) and Darius' Adult Starter Pack(3)
WHERE to find: It could be in the laboratoryDr. ANANAALOG's room or Dr. LENALOG's room


Part2  TYSm ended!

That's okay, you can just buy a slot or a custom if you want one! The laboratory has  MYO Slots available open! Just pick a tier, use the form provided below and boom!Updated Tier by ANANAALOG
TIER 1 : 10USD  ☆   TIER 2 : 15USD  ☆  TIER 3 : 17USD  ☆  SUPER TIER: 20USD

1. MysteryTian  | SUPER | paid
2. SceneTeen19 for TheBiteOf1983 | Tier 3 | paid
3. elysianflowers | Tier 1 | paid


  • Maximum of 2 MYO ticket per person.
  • You can't resell your ticket. Trade and gifting of MYO is fine but please tell me first.
  • Follow the species guide when it comes to traits. Feel free to ask ANANAALOG  if you have questions.
  • Note me with your completed full-colored design to get it approved. Once approved, you may post it to the group!
  • You have 48 hours to pay, else your slot will be canceled. I'll tell you beforehand if I'll revoke your slot.
  • You are allowed to turn an already existing OC into a ZOMBAB.
  • You are allowed to commission/ask someone to design for you.

Name: [you/friend to gift]
Orders: [max.2], [MYO]
Tier: [1, 2, 3, Super]

look at this!

Mon Apr 23, 2018, 6:21 PM

also, look at this raffles!
        [Closed] 1.5k Watcher Adopt Raffle | Winner! by Meelkui     Request Box [Open Forever]yee, im bored and need cute babies to draw ;o;
oh and please PLEASE follow the rules, i hide the comments for people who don't follow the rules smh
mainly looking for cute shotas, girls, pastel color or gothic but anythings fine ///
my art:

for more samples please check gallery

Im so slow at doing requests help ;;

RULES: (comments that not follow the rules will be hidden ^^)
-this request is only for my watchers! Feel free to watch me but dont only watch me for free art.
-Share this on a journal or poll
  [ OPEN ] Mini-art raffleHello , everyone.
I’m just notice that my watcher now is nearly 500 and I didn’t do any raffle for a while
not much, but I want to do something for
Thank you for watching and supporting me.
There are two activities in this journal , please read <3

End date : 15, August 2018
11 PM. (GMT +7 Bangkok, Thailand timezone)

The first activity is a simple random prize

1st place : Custom theme adoptable with this scale ( the longest chibi scale I draw , and the right pic , the sun is my piece )

2nd place : Chibi Commission with the same scale
How to participate :
-Must be my watcher ( New watcher are welcome > < )
-Share  raffle ( journal,poll or status is ok  )
-Comment below , saying you are entering.
  Get 1 ticket
Extra ticket :
tag 1 friend ( get 1 ti
   1000 WATCHERS RAFFLE {Winners are announced!}Thanks to everyone who joined! Your support is incredible...I didn't even think that there will be so many participators ;;o;; I will definitely do more art raffles in the future! It was amazing to host this! \( ´ ▽ ` )


 Second, third, and fourth place :iconMojomito: , :icondetectiveee: and :iconkyuneh:

 The first place :iconcandydips: !

First winner will get 1 chibi like this!
  [closed] Blinkmonstar adopt Raffle! by Meowkuro  [Closed] Win 4000 points or $40Hello everyone, this is my first time doing a giveaway or raffle so hopefully I'm not missing anything haha. Anyways, don't miss out on this chance to win 4000 points or $40! I’ve always wanted to host something like this but never had a good opportunity. Now that hell week is over and I finally graduated from university, I want to celebrate by giving back to the community. Also, I’ve met some wonderful people over the past year since I joined dA so please take it as a token of my gratitude. You guys mean the world to me.  o(╥﹏╥)o
How do you enter?
-Be a watcher (can be new)
-Fave this journal
-Share this raffle (either through a poll, status, or journal)
-Comment that you joined with the link
Wanna earn more tickets? 

-Tag 1-3 friends (+1 ticket each)
   [closed RAFFLE/CONTEST!] Aurami x Fairy Vial!A collaboration between Fairy Vials and Aurami! 
:iconauramicathedral: x :iconfairyvials:
edit: Thank you all for your prize donations and entries! We will now begin the judging process this evening! We will aim to have the results to you as soon as possible ! 
 Draw an Aurami & Fairy Vial together!  

Official Designs can be found in the 3 links below!
Aurami Designs | Fairy Vial Designs & Fairy Vial MYOs

 Only designs linked above may be drawn!
 Submission must include at least 1 Aurami & 1 Fairy Via

[OPEN]Draw My OC Contest! $350+ prizes!*updated as of 7/8/2018*
-provided Toyhouse links and organized them differently.
-shortened the contest post.

Hello everyone! My name is Pufflin and this is my first ever contest. I have done raffles and all, but this is my first contest with big prizes including monies and arts from my dear friends. Anyone is welcome to join!  I'm really glad that you want to join! There is also a raffle you can join if you'd like! Please read further below if you're interested!.
How to enter and rules!
Anything is fair game. Meow :3 
BUT IF traditional then it has to be scanned to your computer in HQ.. NO CAMERA PICS!
Keep in mind that a simple chibi has a less chance of winning than a full illustration and so on.
There is no rule on how many characters you need to draw but I take that all into consideration.
That said: I will be judging on color accuracy, quality, creativity, and accuracy

ZomBAB Specie GUIDE 2018 update

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 18, 2017, 8:46 PM


Zombie + BAB (Blood Associating Bag)
- ZomBABs are zombie species with a somehow vampiric way of feeding. Unlike vampires though, they don't eat via mouth but they rather, they get nutrition from their dextrose-like Blood Associating Bags (BAB) because their bodies cannot digest solid food well.
one two thre-- jump! by ANANAALOG


After a mysterious virus struck a small suburban town and infected it's residents to act like 'zombies,' Head Researchers Dr. ANANAALOG and Dr. LENALOG founded a facility to study the mysterious virus and find a cure against it. Accidents and a lot of trial-and-errors happened and one day, volunteers and workers  in the facility caught the virus and accidentally spread it out in different parts of the world that resulted more reports of 'zombies.' Although unfortunate things progressively happened, the research somehow bear fruit that led to the founding of an alternative solution to keep the infected from harming others. The alternative solution was to attach special IV bags programmed/cultured to control the 'zombies.' The bags called as 'BAB' (Blood Associating Bag) regulate the zombies' blood flow, nutrition and rational thinking to keep them from having the urge to eat and infect the others and to help them regain brain control.
These BABs can grow feets when feeding - can curl up, can extend, can float and in some rare cases, can eventhink on their own will. The ZomBABs lost their memories because of the virus, causing a restart in almost everything they do. Thus, they are only released from the facility when they have a benefactor or protector who will adopt them and will greatly teach them and care for them. ZomBABs can eat human food, however, blood and liquid is most preferred.


HUMAN BODY +  BAB (Blood Associating Bag) + BAB chord
Please excuse the ugly drawings.

Ask away and feel free to note ANANAALOG, she's happy to be of help!


For new owners, you may wanna read this.