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If you want your character to be practiced upon, feel free to drop your references. WATCHERS ONLY!
I'll only do them whenever I like it so no commitments! If I don't pick yours, please don't push it.

HINTS: I love drawing pink, neon, weird, cluttered (rooms) and cool, awesome, messy (OC).
I may love cozy. I love pop colors too, dark or monochromatic, edgy.

(1) I will not pick everyone.
(2) I will pick simple characters.
(3) You may receive a fullbody, chibi, halfbody or room ref - it depends to my mood!
(4) NO ready-made room references, no request.


Room Reference: one picture only uwu
Journal/Poll: advertise this to everyone!


Arrow leftanimated request 01. blue (give-me-the-formuoli)
Arrow leftanimated request 02. monochrome (K0RBIN)
Arrow leftanimated request 03. plants (lithi413)
Arrow leftstatic request 04. bright pink (ghoul-star)

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Aekemi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Character: toyhou.se/4280439.gabriel-levi…
Room Reference: I always imagine his room looking like this so- scontent-atl3-1.cdninstagram.c…
Journal/Poll:  Animated requests(not mine) <3 <333

thank you a bunch for the chance<3
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OfficialEmzily|Hobbyist Digital Artist
idk if this is still open? its probably not but ig i'll comment anyways :,)

room: elysianrooms936.tumblr.com/ima… (it wouldnt have to be exactly like this tho, do whatever you'd like)
journal: check this out:)yeehaw! rlly wonderful art!

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StaRboY15|Hobbyist Digital Artist


his eyes are golden

he is always sad, carries a half cresent moon with him,surrounded by blue fireflies.

i was thinking you could probably draw him sitting on a hovering cresent moon holding an big star to his chest with tears flowing down his cheeks as small stars twinkle around him?.

i want to cancle my other request and change it with this one <3

hello <3

oh! also his horn glows a bright blue when he is protecting himself or the moon from dangers ^^
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Etecliff|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i be back at the barnyard

>Character: toyhou.se/4204326.-red-
>Room Reference: like this !! it has multiple pics so it might help you : D
www.pinterest.ph/pin/126593439… www.pinterest.ph/pin/395683517…

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cookiecat12432|Hobbyist Digital Artist
new ref
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StaRboY15|Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello <3

may i request one of her?

reason being is she is the dark magic demon/ghost loving type and id looove to see what youd come up with <3not to mention this would be the first animation of any oc id ever have owo

as for the room refrench, a dark creepy type of theme would match her great~though id leave that up to you<3

and thank you very much for this chance <3 i hope you have a great day <3
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ShineTHedgehogEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
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AUBEARGINE|Student Digital Artist
Character: Kozue
These are my two most simple characters, I'm really sorry if you only wanted one to consider,
I figured the more options the better if you ended up wanting to draw them!

Room Ref: Something similar to these would be nice, but of course not mandatory!
Room Concept

Journal: Amazing animated requests! (nm)

Please remember to have fun and do whatever you want with your own art! <3
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LolaDrawsDA|Student Digital Artist
Character:  Mira by LolaDrawsDA
>Room Reference: 
Simple blue room
>Journal/Poll: Cool Art Requests!
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NightmareZoroark's avatar
AAaaaaa it took me forever to find a room I almost gave up ;;
>Character:  Momo By Nightmarezoroark by NightmareZoroark  
>Room Reference: Subscribe to pewdiepie I wanted to find a better quality image but rip, I guess it should just have girlish things, main colors being soft yellows and pinks
i hid It for a sec cus I thought you said ONLY violets for a second and I freaked out shdhdjjsi
>Journal/Poll: Animated requestos but not mine cus I sux 

“advertise this to everyone!” Jeez ok miss comandy randy (thatsajokedonrkillme)
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ScatteredEmbersEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Joining! Thank you for the chance! <3
>Character: Snapped Reference {rEdIdenEd x7} by ScatteredEmbers
>Room Reference: madamex.com/wp-content/uploads… You could go nuts with any room if you like, I just enjoyed this one I found
>Journal/Poll:  Animated requests!!
These are so cool!! Hurry and join for a chance to get something amazing like this <33
Edit: These are not mine! The link is through the picture.
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>Character: toyhou.se/623052.miu#11023503 in the 3rd outfit
>Room Reference: something like this

>Journal/Poll: yyo check it out
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computerwar|Student Digital Artist
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Cloe-Luana-Luna's avatar
Cloe-Luana-LunaEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
//flops AAA AN ILY BB <3 uhuhuhu u never know what might happen. obviously what u wanna do is up to you starts singing Greatest Showman songs
>Character: toyhou.se/3238456.calanthe the cutest royal brat
>Room Reference: ehm something like this with a darker color theme Bedroom-backgrounds-anime-dark-bedroom-bedroom-bac
>Journal/Poll: ananaa's awesome animated art
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MorningstarSolar's avatar
MorningstarSolarEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
how was I not watching you before I've been admiring your art from seeing my sis show it to me but why have I never watched you idk but now I am OOF the run-on sorry
if this is still open, I'd love for you to draw my girl, so feel free to do her in your free time if you want! :)
can you do my bby Nox, as a teen, she'd look great like this
her design is very simple as she didn't have her coats or anything then-- a dark tshirt and jeans is perfectly fine.  Your animated style like this would be perfect for her as she is a "night owl" and this could be her in college.  she has a phone as well if you want to put that in
>Room Reference:
hhh does google images count? that's not me by the way; here's a dorm that looks like hers I guess..  Definitely add the computer, but the bed is much neater (as she never sleeps in it).  Maybe a purple bedsheet or really whatever you want.
>Journal/Poll: here you go ananaa's animated reqs
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Aibella's avatar
Aibella|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been a watcher for some time already~ I'm quite a fan of your work!

>Character: toyhou.se/603925.kazimir/galle… main ref is: file.toyhou.se/watermarks/2170…
>Room Reference: imgur.com/darIhTX or imgur.com/1P1IMzj
>Journal/Poll: Animation Scene Requests (not mine)

you're more than welcome to play with saturation and all that 
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himehua|Student General Artist
>Character: toyhou.se/3431608.pallavi-lala
>Room Reference: i.pinimg.com/originals/88/ea/3… -- something like this with pallavi sitting on the entrance steps, petting a cat(?). she owns a flower shop w/her dad!
>Journal/Poll: ananaalog's animated requests~!
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lima480's avatar
lima480|Student Digital Artist
Hello! Thanks for the opportunity!  I'd love to try it! QwQ

I do not decide which character to try so I will leave two options- If any of my babies catches your attention it would be wonderful ;;
Our animation is so amazing ;--;  

Character: Melanie, sta.sh/2vf9k8rgpcr?edit=1
Melanie is a young girl with a sweet, childish and playful character. ;v; 

Melanie Neko By Crepploli by lima480   Melanie by lima480

Room Reference: sta.sh/218j2ako11kp?edit=1
You can choose the room that you like ;v; Both rooms would look nice with her--

Or maybe ;A;...

Character: Scheitern, sta.sh/22fvsmsmvc87?edit=1

Art Trade Scheitern By Avien03 , At Scheitern By Lolzkid1234

Room Reference:  sta.sh/21tmklqhjuz2?edit=1 You can choose the room that you like again x'D 

Journal:  Animated Requests! -Not mine-
Go check, it's interesting! It's worth trying! ;AA;) 9
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Can you animate www.deviantart.com/suicidesqua… twerking at a nightclub like this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa41oT…
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