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[BASE] - Strong bois .:P2U:.


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F2U Lineart - Flower Skull - Tiger


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March Modset | Lockettes | OPEN

Adopts I Like

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All De Sins

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The forest almighty


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Commission: Fire breathing monsterkid


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[OC] - Don't Black-mail her, dude .:NARUTO:.


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Steampunk Landscape

Buildings and Lanscapes

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Oracle Dragon Room Guardian

Clay Sculps

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Cherrywood lantern with trees

Clothes Accessories

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 CHIBI Anthros/humans colored with simple background will be 33$ (+$20 second character and +15 complex background) 2 slots 1 -  oimayo ( 2 - BloodstainedBunny ( Example:  HALF BODY Anthros/humans colored with simple background will be 47$ (+$30 second character and +15 complex background) 2 slots 1 - A-2O ( 2 - rainie-historie ( Example: PayPal only! What is required from you:   provide a picture with your character or a text with description of them   write me what you want (if there is some irequirements in mood or position, atmosphere and etc.)   full payment in advance You can leave a comment under this entry, if i

Commission Info

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Tommy and Rocky - Morphenomenal!


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Adopt Set Price #117 | SOLD

Dream Designs

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Forsaken Stars [Destiny 2 short fic]

K-Lin sighed with frustration when her cloak caught on another rock as she hastily squeezed her way through a narrow crack in the cavern wall. It was getting quite tedious because every time it got caught K-Lin would be jerked to a halt. “Maybe you should take it off?” chirped Nix from behind her. K-Lin was about to shoot out a retort when Nix bumped his shell against her helmet with an amused beep. “I’m kidding! Come one we’re almost there.” They finally emerged onto a ledge high above the main cavern. The smoke was thick up here and even though she had her helmet on, she felt like she was choking. Unease

Fan Fiction

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THE NIGHTMARES - Failed Experiments 006 - 007


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Happy Halloween!

Friends Awesome Art

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[Sia adopt] Siren's Dream [CLOSED]

For Me and Adopted Children

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Little Nightmares


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Harry Potter

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Inktober day 30: Legolas

Hobbit and LoTR

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Hello everyone! I'm sorry I don't bring good news. I've decided to update my TOS, as I think I need to. I also decided to make a new journal for it. ------------------------------------------------------------Biggest Update: I will not revoke rights for the adopt if my TOS is broken, as previously stated in my old TOS. My viewpoints have changed over the years, and I am updating my TOS and revoking that old rule to align with my current view points. If my rules are broken, I will issue one warning via note. If my TOS is breached a second time, that person will be banned from owning any future designs of mine. If they are blacklisted,

Important to Know

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Taking offers on All OCs(UPD: 9/19)

Looking to get rid of these ocs! The numbers in the parenthesis are their worths and not how much I'm looking for them! Feel free to literally offer whatever! Xynthii: (Worth $135) ($105) Lockettes: ($130) ($145) Dextroluma: ($55) ($85) ($90) Pokejinkas: (by @/cynical-Pancake / @/kawaii-antagonist) ($37) (by @/cynical-Pancake / @/kawaii-antagonist) ($37) (by marie on TH / @/Inuga


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Into the Spider-Verse!


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Triumphant Ryze-splash-wallpaper


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Hoarfrost Dragon

Myths Come to Life

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Pride 2018

Only Love Matters

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:: AT / hen-tie ::

Peter Piper Pixels

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Gilded Gengar


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[Sia adopt] Sirens Song [CLOSED]

Relationships with my OCs

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BGW 2 Come and See

Rise of the Guardians

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The Hobbit - Not on the menu

Shit and Giggles

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The Lockette Key Store

Welcome everyone to the new Lockette Key store. Here you can spend your hard earned Keys and buy all sorts of wonderful things! What are keys? Keys are a fictional currency used among the Lockette community to purchase upgrades, MYO's, and other fun things! How do I earn Keys? You can earn keys in a variety of ways! -Drawing or getting art of your lockette Commissioning art from the mods of your Lockette -Drawing art of others lockettes! -Drawing the LOTM or admin LOTM or commissioning the AOTM -Special raffles, giveaways and other Key events! For more information on Keys, logging, and a general FAQ, click this link! To check your Key tot

Species Reference

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Recoil - for Acclivius

Strawi and Textilis

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[BASE] - Strong bois .:P2U:.

Tutorials, Poses, Bases

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TV and Cartoons

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Fisheye Placebo: Ch1- Part 8

Webcomics and Fancomics

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Vongola Decimo

Why Can't He Be Real

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giant toothless (2019 ver)

Wicked Dolls and More

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Mighty Paw

Wish I Could Do This

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[Close] YCH+ Design Commision: 62


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The reaper killer


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Sleeping Alice


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My Brushes - Paint tool sai V2

Sai Brushes

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Celestial Poetry

Free Stock

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Updated Xynthii Relationship Form

Relationship Cards

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Slytherin Journal Skin

Profile Decorating

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