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Here are links to past and current scheduled activities. Some past activities, like certain quests and tasks, can be repeated. Make sure read their descriptions for further details.


Our beta testers test the game in and out of character, and we continue building and bettering the events in the group and how they work.


This month was mostly dedicated to signing up, character creation and applying. At the end we opened up a small task, The Fall. This task was only available during that time to beta-testers and will not be opened or repeated again.


Signing up for tasks, quests, or dungeons is as simple as commenting on the journal or deviation of said activity. Please make sure to follow the directions each of these have in their descriptions since they all tend to differ in how to apply for one, and how to go about them. All these activities have certain requirements to be able to participate in them, one of these being if to solo or party up when doing them.


Solo means you are going to tackle said activity on your own. There are various reasons you might want to try a certain activity on your own, like not needing to wait on others to complete the activity. Sadly, there is no bonus for completing an activity on your own.
*fun fact: solo is the Spanish word for alone


To be part of a party, or to party up, is to create a group of up to five players. When doing any activity as a party, players get a "party bonus", where they receive more rewards from doing the activity together.

the holy trinity

MMOs are designed around having a tank, damage dealers, and a healer's roles all participating together in a party. This combination of classes is referred to colloquially as "the holy trinity". When achieving the Trinity in a party, not only they get the party bonus, they also receive a "trinity bonus" as well.

new bonus

Any task, quest or dungeon that is recently added or discovered has a bonus for submitting art and participating during the first time of being revealed. Keep an eye on their description for details since all differ in time, what they offer as a bonus and the amount.


Tasks are a small piece of work to be done or undertaken, usually given out by an NPC (non-player character), however, some can come from signs, boards, posters, reading scrolls, opening containers or even using certain looted items. 

Tasks can be done whenever you'd like, yet, can only be completed once, and some tasks need to be completed before you are able to unlock more. Tasks can sometimes evolve into a quest line (read below for more quest details). They tend to have the New Activity Bonus for only a week.

Tasks can be done solo or in a party and are the activities that award the lowest EXP and gold.


Quests involve a number of tasks that need to be completed to yield a reward. Unlike tasks, quests have various ways of completing and thus yielding separate outcomes. Like tasks, most quests are given out by an NPC (non-player character), however, some quests can come from signs, boards, posters, reading scrolls, opening containers or even using certain looted items.

Quests can be done whenever you'd like; they may also be repeated as many times as you'd like. Quests Lines tend to have a longer New Activity Bonus, lasting a few weeks to a month.

They vary when awarding loot, but always award experience and gold if they have the option to be repeatable, even if the amount does lower with each consecutive completion of the same quest.

Quests can be done solo or in a party and award more EXP and gold after completion than tasks do.


Dungeons tend to last longer than quests and include scenarios which will feature world characters and expand their stories. The monsters in dungeons are typically more powerful, so groups of players will have to work together to defeat them, but with greater dangers come greater rewards!

Dungeon locations include tombs, towers, haunted mines, ice caves, and sunken ships to name a few.

Can only be done in a party. Dungeons can only be repeated after a month of its initial reveal and completion, and need to be set up with a staff member to be run. Each dungeon will have details on how and when they can be done.


Be it in the form of confrontations or celebrations, events are world changing activities that only happen every so often.

World Events tend to be a large gathering, all brought together for the completion of a common goal, where everyone can take part of it. Events run for a limited time only, unlike quests that can be repeated as many times as you'd like.

Due to the scale of the events, all players are considered one large party, or as known in MMO lingo, a Raid. Including others in the event with you awards participants with more EXP, gold, and even loot.

Types of environment changes accompanying events include:

  • caravans, tents, or wagons being added to an area
  • different or new decorations in a location
  • new mobs, quest givers, vendors, or other NPCs
  • special items, drinks and food
  • holiday-specific tasks, quests and quest rewards, and holiday-themed recipes (once we add crafting).


Players will be needing to create a journal or deviation where they keep track of:

  • tasks, quests, dungeons or events they have done
  • when they have done them
  • what they achieved
  • if and when they finished it
  • along with the items won after completion

All of these trackers will be kept in the Gallery's Trackers Folder.

-insert example here-


When completing any activity that awards anything upon completion players simply need to go to the Storage Journal to claim their reward and make it official.

During new content staff members might add these in automatically since they are actively moving said activity forward, however, if you completed an older activity staff need this as a reminder to hand out rewards. Regardless if the activity is new or old, members should be filling this out just to help the staff out.

COMPLETED: Link to completed activity
REWARD: What did you win from completing it?
INVENTORY: Link to your journal or deviation to your character's inventory

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