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Journal Entry: Tue May 30, 2017, 4:00 AM


Shifters are the creation of the goddess, Gaea, whom are bestowed with the ability to change their forms at will. Most shifters only maintain the shape in which they feel the most affinity to—which tends to be the form they are born with—but some highly skilled shifters have been known to break from the mold and shift between forms with ease.

The Shifter race branches out into various types of beast species. This makes studying this race rather problematic, considering their notoriety to being elusive.

It should come to no surprise that shifters want nothing to do with the war, as they prefer to establish themselves as far away from other races as possible. Despite this, they have suffered numerous losses in the forms of lives lost and inhabitable land.

As their culture dies, their survivors have fallen upon hardships. Word of mouth hints at an ancient circle of shifters—called the Beast Court—as being revived due to dark times.


Unlike other classes, shifters are unique in that they have the ability to shift into multiple forms. Their base form is humanoid at best, which often sports vague feral features (enlarged canines, boils, tails, ears, pupils, etc). It is also not uncommon for shifters to sport more prominent features, such as having satyr-like legs. Every shifter is different, so it ultimately depends on their bestial affinity.

Other forms include:

Near Beast

A hybrid form, in which the shifter has transformed into their strongest and largest form. It is a true hybrid between their humanoid and bestial forms. Although they have superior strength in this form, shifters do not prefer confrontation. However, heed their warnings well: incurring the wrath of a shifter is akin to cornering a wild, unpredictable animal.

Beast Form

Some shifters call this their true form, the form Gaea had gifted them with. They can use it to call on the speed and superior senses they take on with this form. It is also a perfect way to blend in, with others not noticing the difference between a shifter in their beast form or an average critter in the wilds.



NPC | Male | Kitsune Shifter
Being one of the few that survived an outbreak in his village he was tasked with traveling outside of the woods to find a cure for the malady that struck his people.


NPC | Male | Feline Shifter
Traveling Merchant and procurer of rare items.


Shifters work for Gaea as warriors, balancers, information gatherers, messengers, healers, memory keepers, law enforcers, teachers, and guardians of the land and sea. Their main concern is that life is kept intact and balanced.

Though their numbers have dwindled over the years, some still roam the land trying to survive the harshness brought on by the war.

Because of their immense speed, and agility, Shifters get a passive racial ability that gives them a permanent +1 to their Dexterity stat.

Shifters are a race created by Anamaris, and edited by candlejacked for use in the group Geronimo-time.
Please do not copy or recreate them anywhere else.
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