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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 3, 2017, 2:09 AM

06.03.17 - 06.04.17

A lot of the days were spent editing the character creation content in an attempt to make things clearer and easier for our would be members.

  • Cleared up spell creation information. Spells start tier 1 and damage/buff output depends on stats and gear.
  • Avatar backgrounds are up to the player. Some might add what type of playing style they like, others might be hardcore raiders and post raiding times, others might be role players and add info on their character. What would your Real World Character write?
  • It is indeed a game, and characters are aware of this. Hopefully, the edited Settings Journal makes that clear.
  • Now each spell simply has an amount of times it can be used per scenario (MP/EP). This number will be dependent of the spell's tier.
  • We've changed assault traits to be called Battle Range.
  • We've edited a bit of the Shifter's Race information, in an attempt to make things clearer.
  • We've edited the written application to please include what stats the player has added to end up with their attribute number.
  • Added roles and descriptions on our discord server. The info can be found in our ruleschannel on discord.
  • Added an extra spell or ability in character creation depending on the character's chossen affinity.
  • Changed the name of the background section in the app to ABOUT instead to avoid confusion with the in game part of the written application.

Thanks for bearing with us as we continue to do our best to make character creation a smooth and fun transition into the game. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send a note to Geronimo-time or to join our discord server where we have channels dedicated for questions, comments or suggestions, and even character show and tell.

Thank you candlejacked and Wasabs for all the help!

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June 3, 2017
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