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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 5:36 PM

Please read the Prices and Terms of service before contacting me.

What I offer

I do character art, mainly in a cartoon-like style. If you look through my gallery you can get a good gauge on what I lean toward. Below are the explanations of the shots and styles I offer.


How much of the character you'll be seeing in the piece.

   Full-shot: The character, or characters, will be seen from head to toe.

   Mid-shot: The character, or characters, will be seen from the waist up.

   Head-shot: The character, or characters, will be seen from the shoulders up.

   Character turnarounds: Full shot, seen from the front, back, profile and ¾.

   Expressions: Exploring character expressions. You ask for the expression.


This is the medium, or how I color the piece.

   Sketch: A pencil sketch that I scan and slightly edit in Photoshop. It will be placed against a textured background unless stated otherwise.

   Cel-Shaded: Is a coloring technique that mimics traditional animation with simplistic lighting and shading with hard edges.

   Painterly: Much like sculpting the colors in place. A lot of brush strokes, textures and lighting involved.

   With Background: I think I'm better at doing nature/outdoor scenes. Anything man made, like cities, a room or a car is a bit harder for me.

Special Offers

Free Sketch!

With every order that exceeds $80, you will also receive a sketch, completely free of charge. The sketch should be of one character. Please refrain from choosing characters with complex or cluttered designs.

One time $5 Off Voucher!

All returning clients from previous rounds get $5 off their final commission price. Once your artwork is paid in full, along with your artwork you will receive a file you can use to show me the next time you’d like to commission me again. This voucher only has a one time use.

Contact Info

What exactly are you looking for?

Make sure to add what it is you want, style, shot, the number of characters and their info, along with any reference pictures if possible. If you do not have a reference, be very descriptive. Give other examples of exactly what your character looks like. The more I know about the character, the better. That way I can capture his or her personality perfectly.

What will this piece be used for?

Is it for your own personal use? Specifics not only help get exactly what you want but also help set a price.

When do you need the piece by?

If this is a birthday gift that needs to be done by the end of the month, let me know in that first initial email. It saves a lot of time on all ends. If I have too much work and can't finish the piece in that amount of time, I'll let you know right away so you can move on to another prospect. If I can, but there are any additional costs, I'll be able to let you know that right away as well.

Please read the Prices and Terms of service before contacting me.

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April 13, 2017


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