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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 1, 2017, 9:04 AM

You followed the Gremlin, which to your surprise happened to be rather fast for such a small fellow. Finally, he stopped, just above a hill. You catch up to him, just in time to unveil the view below.

“Welcome to Neonati’s Sanctuary.”

On the open expanse below sat a large stone monastery. It seemed to be made of the same rock that held the cliff it rested on, the land behind it sinking once again into an ocean of golden blades of grass.

The entrance to the sanctuary consisted of a dirt path that had been once walked on by numerous others, but now was left quiet, stale and abandoned.

Stairs of stone jutted out from under the path, leading up toward the center tower. They parted halfway to hug the walls of the massive sanctuary. Either way led to the same circular chamber, the heart of the temple, lined with candles to light the way.

A glance toward the epicenter’s floor, just under your feet, would reveal what looked like a map.

“This is Faley”, the small green guide finally disclosed. He turned toward you, lifting a single brow and eyeing you critically.

“Before any more questions come my way, I’m a gremlin, not a gobermouching goblin. Those pyromaniacs can’t even hold a conversation without blowing something up.”

He caught himself trailing off; with one last grumble he cleared his throat and continued on to introduce himself.

“The name’s Galit.”

He stomped his way over to the south-western section of the middle mass of land depicted on the mosaic map that decorated the dusty floor’s surface.

“This is where we are.” With stubby green fingers Galit pointed at the illustration of the field on the map.

“Neonati Sanctuary, which is, you guessed it, on Neonati Fields, is where adventurer’s end up after being delivered to us by the gods.”

Seven towering banners draped down from a ceiling that seemed to go on forever.

“Each of these banners represents the house of each god. Here we teach others about them and our world.”

Galit paused and lowered his head in an attempt to mask the slight concern that shaded his eyes.

“A god might have chosen you already as you fell. Whether that might be the case or not, here is where you relinquish your name to that particular god.”

The sound of a bell cut through the silence that had followed. Galit sighed loudly, his arms and shoulders weighing down heavily.

"I have to go. Fell free to roam around the Temple, just try not to break anything. You'll be hailed for dinner soon."

The gremlin turned, growling under his breath, "tomorrow will be a tough day for all of us."



The players seem to be getting guidance, whether they want it or not. So, what now? Well, we have various activities available. Read on for details on each. Remember that the Activity Bonus! is what is awarded in addition to the initial reward.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns don't be afraid to respond here.

"but wait, i have question!"

Is your character left bewildered and possibly even more confused with the reveal of this vague information? Well, we have the option of roleplaying this scene in more detail on the forums. In the Neonati Sanctuary board all players are welcome to create a thread, or join a pre-existing one. We can all roleplay on one together, or you may roleplay with your own selected characters.

To tag a username in a post, which sends an alert, simply type their full name with the @ symbol as a prefix. If their username contains spaces, it must be encased in brackets @[username with spaces]. 

You can tag anyone this way, even Galit, and he'll begrudgingly join the thread. But that's ok, cause he's never happy about anything.

The threads created there can go on, regardless if we've moved on with the next task. As long as they were started during the time this was flagged with the Activity Bonus!, they all recieve their reward + the bonus once completed and turned in.

Completion of a thread, regardless of when it is completed,  will be 10 Gold and 4 EXP for each player that participated in it. Extra submissions recieve +5 Gold 

The Activity Bonus! for starting a roleplaying thread from Saturday, July 1st, 2017 CST until Sunday, July 9th, 2017 CST will be +20 Gold  and 6 EXP for each player. 

call to arms

As described above, each god has his own banner. Seeing as we only had designed Lux's banner we decided to let our beta testers design their own versions of the other banners.

Here's some info regarding colors and possible insignias for each, though keep in mind these are only suggestions and you're allowed to work outside the box. You can design a banner for any god you like that is listed below, regardless if it's your character's patron god or not.

TEMPEST As the island walker the colors that usually represent him are blue, with symbols of water seen throughout his temples.

NECO The swamp keeper's primary color is black, with bones and skulls being part of their theme.

IGNIS The mountan defender is all out red, with fire being her main motif.

GAEA As the forest guardian her colors tend to be green, with trees, seeds and leaves being their follower's image of choice.

SOLAR The sun god obviously adores his sun symbol, one he adopted from his own father. His followers tend to like warm colors, representing the fire from his mother and their animal totem is the dragon.

LUNA The moon godess mainly uses the symbol of the moon and all its phases. Her followers stick to cold colors, mainly blues and purples. Because of the ability of future sight a lot of images of eyes are used as well, with the pupil changing with the phase of the moon.

PNG File | PSD File

Submission of a banner between Saturday, July 1st, 2017 CST until Monday, July 31st, 2017 CST will be awarded with +30  and 6 EXPfor each participant.

The Activity Bonus! for submiting a banner from Saturday, July 1st, 2017 CST until Sunday, July 9th, 2017 CST will be +20 and 4 EXP for each participant.


Be it through roleplay or art, exploring Neonati Temple can lead to some interesting discoveries. The Sanctuary is massive, having its own courtyard, a large field for farming, and even a barn with what seem to be cows. Inside, the center tower splits, each banner leading to a small shrine of the god it represents. Sleeping quarters are upstairs while the kitchen is out back. There's even its own separate bathhouse, large enough for everyone to bathe at once.

Any art submission or roleplaying thread that has to do with the first time exploring the temple will be awarded gold and EXP.

The base will be +10 Gold and 5 EXP for each art submission or thread. However, more might be awarded depending on the effort put into them, so do your best!

The Activity Bonus! for submission of art between Saturday, July 1st, 2017 CST until Monday, July 31st, 2017 CST will be +10 and 2 EXP for each submission. Meaning you can make as many as you want.

The Activity Bonus! for starting a roleplaying thread from Saturday, July 1st, 2017 CST until Monday, July 31st, 2017 CST will be +10 and 2 EXP for each participant after completing a thread.

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