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Words used in the gaming community, particularly in the massive multiplayer online community. These are words that come from "the real world".

The Fissure

The virtual reality device used to play the game, Faley.


The avatar is the character one creates to play in the game. A representation of sorts. Avatars do not have to look similar in any way to their creators. Players have the freedom of creating entirely contrasting avatars from their real selves, be it in personality and physical appearance.


The character that created and controls the in-game avatar. The "real-life" character/person playing the game.


Area of Effect. Used to refer to spells or abilities that can affect more than one target, as long as they are in the specific target area.


Damage over time. Refers to a class of spells that deals damage over a period of time. These spells typically do more damage than direct damage spells overall.


Damage per second. Used when figuring out weapon speed and damage.


Temporary boost to character attribute or combat ability.


The opposite of a buff. An offensive spell cast on enemies that weakens an attribute or combat ability.


An AI controlled monster. ‘Mob' originally comes from the MUD era, where it was short for ‘mobile', to differentiate monsters that would patrol a set of rooms as opposed to monsters which would stay in one place until killed.


Crowd Control. Refers to a set of spells or abilities that temporarily paralyze or stun targets. Crowd control is an important group support ability when fighting multiple mobs. Usually abbreviated as CC. Applies to both MMOs and MMORPGs.


A class of items or equipment that are very powerful and difficult to acquire. Usually found in the hardest dungeons and have the lowest probability to drop. Typically only surpassed in strength by Legendary loot in some games.


As a noun refers to character classes that can take a lot of damage. As a verb refers to the act of drawing aggro from mobs before other team members strike with their abilities.


A class that specializes in healing themselves and others.


A class that specializes in damage.


The combined term for Tanks, Damage Dealers and Healers. All three support one another in some way - Tanks protect, healers heal, and damage dealers kill.


A party can only have up to 5 characters. They work together to complete a task and share a boost in loot gained once the activity is completed.


A "raid" is like a dungeon, except it typically requires more people, and the difficulty is much higher than your normal dungeon. Raids are designed specifically for this reason: to be the most challenging content possible for players. The benefit is that they typically drop the best loot in the game.


Line of sight. A requirement of most ranged abilities,  the view of the target must not be obstructed by any fixed obstacle such as a wall.


The type of equipment or gear your character uses.


As a verb, it refers to a hostile mob that has noticed a player and is actively trying to attack that player. As a noun, it refers to the amount of "hostility" the player has generated on the mob. In typical combat strategy, the tank tries to take as much aggro as possible away from weaker players such as healers and damage dealers.


The avatar's stats, such as strength, intelligence, dexterity and so on.


Experience. A quantity gained when completing tasks/quests, killing mobs, or discovering new locations in games. Characters can progress and grow in power when they gain enough experience points.


when an item or gear becomes bound to a player after use, and cannot be sold after use.


Short for "bind on equip". This term refers to items that become soulbound to the player after they have been equipped. In other words, the item can be traded as long as no one equips it.


Short for "bind on pickup". This term refers to items that become soulbound to the player after it has been picked up from a monster. In other words, the item cannot be traded once a player picks it up. BoP items commonly cause looting conflicts and disputes during game-play.


Words specifically for use in the game's world, Faley. In game, lore specific words.


The name of the fantasy world the game is set on. The name Faley derives from the words Fantasy + Leyenda. Leyenda is Spanish for Legend.


The name of the continent the game's story focuses on. The word is Latin and means to regain youth or grow young. The developers of the game chose the name because it could also stand for prime of life.


A term referring to the race, shifters. They are known as the Creation of the Goddess of Earth, Geae; sometimes also called the children of Gaea.


A term referring to the race, moonfolk. They are known as the Creation of the Goddess of the moon, Luna; sometimes also called the children of the Moon or the children of Luna. 


A term referring to the race, Solar. They are known as the Creation of the God of the sun, Solar; sometimes also called the children of the Sun or the children of Solar. 
Solar is also the name of the god of the sun. This god is so egocentric he named the race he created after himself.

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