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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 20, 2017, 6:11 AM

This was it. You’re first time logging into Faley, and after spending a hefty amount of time in the character creation screen and feeling happy with your avatar, you hit the accept button.

The character toggles disappeared around you in a pixilated flurry. As if being hit by an unsuspecting storm, you see the shapes fly off, and oddly enough you actually feel the wind blowing them away.

The sensation is so real, but you barely have much time to think about it before it is all replaced with nothing but silence and darkness. Should you call out? Is there something faulty in the game?

Before being able to act you experience a sudden jerk in the pit of your stomach. A sense of sudden acceleration hits. The Wind once again picks up around you, the force of it actually pushing you back. You feel the weight of the world pulling you down, and in a flash a streak of blue blinds you.

Your eyes adjust to the new light and slowly you realize it’s the sky. Large fluffy clouds roll by far in the horizon. A vast golden field covers the ground below as far as the eye can see.

You are indeed falling. The wind has been hitting you so hard that tears begin to well up in your eyes as you watch the ground quickly closing in.


Again? Did you hit the ground? Is it game over? Didn’t you just create your avatar?

Slowly, like fireflies glowing around you, small yellow orbs lift you up. An odd vacuum sensation pulls a part of you back into your avatar.
Your head spins as the memories of what occurred seem jumbled and incoherent. You try frantically to place them together, to make sense of the cacophony of what just occurred, but fail, only bringing on a massive headache.

“You’re welcome.”

An annoyed voice called out. You turn, confused as to where you were.

Blades of sun-colored grass caress your arms as you move about in search of the unfamiliar voice.

Pushing the pasture aside, a minute pointy eared creature revealed himself.

“I’m down here.” He growled, exposing his set of sharp teeth.

The creature was small, possibly no bigger than three feet tall. He walked forward, removing the hood that covered his bald head.

He had dark, olive-colored skin and large mahogany eyes, dressed in what looked like old tattered robes that were simply tied together with a worn rope.  

“Well, don’t just stand there staring.”

The tiny individual began walking.

“C’mon. We better get going if we want to beat nightfall.”


Tasks are situations that occur in the game that a player may choose to participate in or ignore. Our first task involves your character's first time logging into the game and the encounter with their first NPC.

YES, your character just died. And yes, this little guy revived you.

In this task, you may choose to respond below with how your character might have reacted during and after the fall. You might get lucky enough to have that NPC respond.

You may choose to incorporate other characters that have participated here as well in your roleplaying response but make sure you check the date the comment was made and tag that user so they are aware they have been included and can respond back in turn if they wish.

:devusername: -or- @username will tag that user.


1 gold + 1 EXP | 5 GOLD + 5 EXP
In this task, you will be awarded +1  and +1 EXP by simply roleplaying, however, if you decide to make art of the scene our NPC will award you for commemorating that moment with +5 and +5 EXP.

The rp response and art together is a total of +6 and +6 EXP.

ACTIVITY BONUS: If you decide to participate before June 30th, 2017, you get a +3 and +3 EXP bonus!

That means that if you do both the rp response and art, plus take advantage of the bonus, you end up getting  +9 and +9 EXP!

Make sure to place the piece in our folder, and link it in your roleplay response in this journal. If our NPC sees a lot of effort put forth on the piece, he might award more, so do your best!

You are allowed to write a roleplay response here first and make art after, just make sure to link it here so our NPC can award it.

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June 20, 2017
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