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There was a time where the world floated nameless and alone. As the millenniums passed the feeling of emptiness engulfed her and she decided to create the elements to accompany her: Fire, Water, and Earth.

They lived happily and eventually had offspring of their own. The offspring of the elements were known as The Elemental Children. Five of these beings took it upon themselves to help guard and keep order in their home world. 



Is the being of order, organization, purity, balance, law, justice, community, righteousness, and light ...although not necessarily "good", since laws and the assumptions behind them can be flawed. Those that follow this deity are imbued with blessings such as protecting life, healing and/or preventing damage, summoning many efficient small creatures (rather than large individual creatures), imposing restrictions, and the ability to remove enchantments.


Is the being of knowledge, illusion, reason, dreams, ingenuity, manipulation, and trickery, as well as having the power to manipulate the classical elements of air and water. Tempest tends to be "tricky" yet precise; Those that follow this deity are imbued with abilities such as countering (canceling) spells to prevent them from having an effect, illusions, dream hopping, and much like their patron god, the ability to manipulate water and/or air. Though they often have weaker physical power than others, they have a large arsenal of evasive abilities at their disposal.


Is the being of death, darkness, despair, plague, selfishness, ambition, greed, corruption, and amorality ...although not necessarily "evil". Those that follow The Swamp Keeper are gifted with abilities such as killing and raising creatures from the dead. Neco is a very flexible entity in many ways, as she is willing to do virtually anything to meet her ends; this is reflected in her follower's abilities at being able to cast many unusual status effects. Her followers also tend to sacrifice resources to achieve their goals. Their main weaknesses are their tendency to hurt themselves in order to gain an advantage.


Is the being of chaos, destruction, war, passion, and fury, as well as having the power to manipulate fire. She shares an association with earth; and has an affinity for the nonliving aspects of the earth (rock and stone). Ignis and her followers are best known for destruction, power, and creating spells that deal damage to others that burn. She isn't very decisive, often leaving things to random chance... which leaves her followers in precarious situations where spells and abilities have a 50/50 chance of succeeding... or blowing in their faces. The Defender shares the same trickster personality that the Island Watcher has, and their followers are skilled at diverting offensive spells as well as manipulating an element: in this case, Fire. 


Is the being of life, nature, growth, instinct, and interdependence. Her followers have the ability to summon  and communicate with creatures, big or small, and increase their power. They may also have the gift of manipulating plant life, and share the same healing skills as Plain Protectors. Gaea is the creator of the Shifter race, which she blessed with the ability to shift into various forms. It is said that some non-shifter followers are able to learn to shift into a single form, though the ability is rare and only thought by other shifters.


Child of Lux and Ignis, Solar rules the skies during the day where he violently shines his power down on mortals. Solar seems to share a number of similar abilities that his mother possesses but has the fanatical blind righteousness of his father. Because of his egotistical nature, he marks his followers with burning tattoos that glow once their abilities within are triggered. Solar is the creator of the race Solars, which he named after himself. His children and his followers are painfully marked yet gifted with immense explosive physical strength, and the ability to manipulate fire.


Child of Tempest and Neco, Luna lives peacefully in the quiet of the night sky. Much like her father, she and her followers share abilities of illusion, knowledge, and dreams. Because Luna holds sway over the tides, many of her followers may also learn to manipulate water. She had also inherited the dark and cold abilities of her mother, being able to teach her followers to manipulate ice as well. Luna is the creator of the Moonfolk race, which she blessed with the ability to be able to see the future. Sadly, only seven can have said ability at a time, and those who have it seem to live shorter lives. Some say it might be a magical fingerprint left behind by Neco, as seen on the white hair that strikes these chosen seven.


As a player who's just stumbled into this new world, why should you have anything to do with these gods and their war? Even in the game, a lot of people mention how the gods put the weight of their bickering upon the mortals in the form of war and strife. Why would picking sides help? Wouldn't that be like adding wood to the fire?

When you've logged into the game for the first time you have the option to pick your god, or to be chosen by one. Pick one willingly and your character might end up having the time of their lives in the game. Letting a god pick you might leave your character with a god they might not be too fond of.

Picking a god gives you advantages in-game, as well as personal events, quests, stories, and options that are only available to followers of that particular god. However, deciding to randomize might create interesting roleplaying scenarios for your character. If you're a fan of the unexpected, maybe waiting for a god to pick your character could be the perfect option for you.


If you choose your own god you simply fill that out in your app.

If you decide to be adventurous and randomize it, one of our staff will use the dice roll over in our discord channel to select your new patron god.

If you want to randomize it make sure to specify that in your application in the Patron God section. When, and if, your character is accepted in the group you may post here for your random patron god and we will respond with your result.

You don't need a fancy form or anything to ask for your random patron god. Anything from "May I have my random patron god?", to "Tell me doc, is it good news?" is acceptable.

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