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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 9, 2017, 6:53 AM

After exploring the sanctuary the adventurer's get called by Galit. To those that were too far, a small wisp zipped toward them to reveal Galit's message.

"Since we weren't expecting so many for dinner I've been-- I mean, we've been asked to gather more things from the barn and garden."

Not left with much of a choice, the adventurers begin to gather in the sanctuary's back yard.

"Well, time to earn your keep!"

earn your keep


Galit has asked the players if they wouldn't mind helping him gather some ingredients for dinner. Well, more like forced the players while he "supervises" from afar.

Read on for details on each task. Remember that the Activity Bonus! is awarded in addition to the initial reward offered in each task.

This time, these tasks are all part of a single quest line. Completing all the tasks below, regardless of the order they are done, gives you a Quest Line Completion Bonus of +10 , +4 EXP, plus an affinity specific artifact!

Some quests might be added as the week progresses. Keep an eye out for announcements and notices for journal updates!

If you have any comments, questions or concerns don't be afraid to respond here.

the culling

TASK I: Gather six eggs

The player needs to gather six chickish eggs for tonight's dinner from the Neonati Sanctuary Farm. Be wary of Lucy, the alpha chicklish; she will go into a rage, commanding the rest to attack if the eggs are not handled properly.


In order to participate in this task you'll have two options. You can play on discord, or here on deviantart. Choose whichever is easiest and more accessible for you.

    ON SITE Click on Lucy for instructions on how to participate on the site directly. The instructions run similarly to how they would on Discord, the only difference being that the staff roll for you and reply back with your result.

    Because of the uncertainty of staff availability, players may comment once again with another gathering attempt soon after the result of their initial attempt is posted.

    DISCORD For the discord option, you'll need to head on over to our discord server and look for the channel named "The Culling".

  • In here, first, you'll need to write "Gathering Eggs" along with a link to your character's profile.
  • After that you type t!dice to roll a six-sided dice.
  • Add your result with your character's Dexterity, and if the result is 6 or higher your character has successfully gathered an egg without enraging the chicklish.
  • Success! Add the egg to your egg counter by simply posting #addyournumberhere/6 eggs gathered
  • .
    • You can retry after 15 minutes, or after two more members have had their go.

    • Use t!remindme try and gather eggs again in 15minutes on the channel to set a reminder. [the bot will send you a private message once the time is up to remind you to try again]

    If for some reason you get a result of 4 or lower Lucy will go on a frenzy and all the chicklish will attack.

    • In order to figure out for how long the chicklish will be keeping your character busy you will need to once again, roll a dice.

    • If the number is lower than your character's stamina they will be out of commission for the next 30 minutes.

    • If the number is higher than your character's stamina they will be out of commission for the next 3 hours.


Once the task is successfully completed post here the Turning in Activities form.
The base award will be +10 Gold and 5 EXP upon completion. 

The Activity Bonus! for completing between Sunday, July 9th, 2017 CST until Sunday, July 16th, 2017 CST will be +10  and 2 EXP upon completion.  

The Activity Bonus! for starting the task between Sunday, July 9th, 2017 CST until Sunday, July 16th, 2017 CST will be +10  and 2 EXP. As long as you've started on any on those dates, even if you haven't finished, you get the bonus.

This is a task for Geronimo-time that can be done at any time. 
For now only beta-testers may participate in this task.
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