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Experience can be used for unlocking higher tiers for spells and abilities, acquiring certain items or even opening up more options in story events. Your avatar can gain experience through participation in tasks, quests, dungeons or events.


Doing tasks, quests, dungeons or events in a party gives you a nice boost in earnings, such as more EXP, more gold and sometimes even better gear. The boost is different for each task, quest, dungeon or event, so keep an eye on the descriptions of each for details regarding the party boost.

How do I join a party?

 We have a channel on discord where you may announce that you are looking to do a certain task, quest, dungeon or event in a party. Alternatively, you can submit a journal or deviation into our Looking for Group folder and see who bites in the comments section.

What should I do when in a party?

Communication with your party members will be very important as you all need to decide how to go about your task, quest, dungeon or event. You can talk to each other via notes, on discord, or you can submit a journal or deviation into our Looking for Group folder and discuss it in the comments section.

How are we allowed to complete our goal?

This is why communication is so important. You have the option of doing collaborative art in different ways.

  • One way might be that everyone does a different stage of the piece, be it a sketch, line art, coloring and so on. 
  • Another way could be doing different sections of a piece, where one person might do the characters, the other could do the background, or each doing their own character. 
  • You may even just talk about how each character might go about completing said task, and then each illustrates a different scene; a sequential art of sorts.

These are not the only options available when doing art as a party for a task, quest, dungeon or event. If you're ever unsure simply ask us here, via note, or on discord.

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