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a b c, easy as 1 2 3 ♪

one  Read rules.

two  Read character creation.

three  Reserve character when spots are open.

four  Make art and written profiles for your character application.

five  Send it via group note for review when profile reviews are open.  Keep an eye out in the News + Updates! Applications will be moved to the Pending Approval Gallery folder once staff has seen the note. Be patient as we check them.

Here's the info we need for the note when applying:
NAME avatar's name
AGE avatar's apparent age  
GENDER any if applicable
RACE From our three main or your made up one
APP Link to art application
RL Link to stash of  real life info <-- this only applies if you decide to hide it from others

six  Wait for staff to review the application and fix anything asked.

seven  Once approved profiles will be moved to our Server Population Gallery folder, and a comment will be added in your app by a staff member with your starting gear.


one The art application must contain a colored full body character for reference.

two You may add other things to the excess space in the art application, like items they own or use.

three Any changes to the application after acceptance must be noted to the group.

four Not all reserves will be accepted. Make sure to read the rules and follow them to the best of your ability.

five We will judge the art in your art application and the written application, 50/50. Do your best!

six No chibi art for the application.

seven Refrain from making demon, angels or diety races.

eight Keep in mind that if you want to maintain the character's real life information hidden from the public you still need to stash it and send it to the group via note. The note details are listed above.

nine Check your written application before submitting it. Running it with a spell checker and grammar checker is gold. There are many online ones you can find with a quick look in your preferred search engine.

ten It's in the rules, but again, don't trace or use bases! We will check for this.

eleven We can assist character creation with advice and suggestions, but we will not do the whole thing for you. These characters should be your original work.

twelve If staff asks applicants to revise their application make sure to respond asap with a confirmation that the revisions will be made. As soon as the issues are addressed, reply to the same note detailing the changes made.

thirteen Applicants with numerous issues in the application need to address them immediately. Those with minor issues have more time. Staff will make sure to let you know via note.

fourteenThose with minor issues, and are accepted in the group, have a week to address the issues, or they risk being removed from the group.

once accepted

one   Make sure to make your character's inventory/storage page.


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