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SE || Grumpy Alien Housewife
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Published: June 28, 2017
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★ General Profile // Cigarette Divider by Onj-Art Cigarette Divider by Onj-Art

Alias // Gruff

Name // Gunther Reev Tal'akk

Age // Thirty-Two

Pronouns // He/Him

Height // 205 cm

Species // Drakkal

Ship // Fleetwood Mack

Position // Deckhands
Ordered to lay low he now serves the crew of the Fleetwood Mack as their apron totting swabber. His duties range from being the cook, maintaining and cleaning the living areas, laundry and a hack nurse in emergency situations. Duct tape and booze can cure any ailment.

★ Personal Profile // Cigarette Divider by Onj-Art Cigarette Divider by Onj-Art

Personality //

+ adaptable - shrewd - ambitious - humorous - persistent +

x pessimistic - fatalistic - miserly - grudging - stubborn x

Gruff is dual-natured, elusive, complex and contradictory. On the one hand, he's versatile, but on the other, he's two-faced and flighty, with the graces and faults of the young.

Since he lacks the quality of conscientiousness, he's apt to fight a losing battle in any attempt made to be moral (in the widest sense of the word).

Gruff can be affectionate, courteous, kind, generous, and thoughtful towards the poor and suffering - provided none of the activities resulting from expressing these traits interferes too greatly with his own life and comforts.

He's aware he's not the loveliest apple in the bunch, but if faced with the opportunity he'll try to use his outward attractiveness to gain his own ends, and when striving for these he will use any weapon in his armory - unscrupulous lying, cunning evasiveness; escaping blame by contriving to put it on other people, wrapped up in all the charm he can turn on.

In his better moments, he may strive to be honest and straightforward, but self-interest is almost always the victor. If things go against him, he sulks like a child.

Gruff loves cerebral challenges, but his concentration, though intense for a while, doesn't last. His mental agility and energy give him a voracious appetite for knowledge, though he abhors the labor of learning.

If the conditions of life become really adverse, his strength of will might desert him entirely. He can become uncertain of himself, either withdrawn or a nervously excitable worrier, sullenly discontented, hard and irritable. On the other hand, his versatility can make him very adaptable, adjusting himself to control the world around him by means of his inherent ingenuity and cleverness.

In love he can be fickle, though not intentionally so, but because of the basic inconsistency of his emotional nature, which has an amoral aspect to it. He can be hostile to sentimentality and stands back from romantic situations, laughing at it and the protagonists in it, including himself while analyzing it intellectually.

Gruff just takes nothing seriously. So, in love, in spite of his temporary depth of feeling, the intensity of involvement lasts only while it's new. He is superficial, light-hearted, cool, flirtatious and unimaginative in the understanding of the pain he may cause others.

In less serious situations he makes an entertaining companion, good acquaintance rather than a friend. He can be brilliant in conversations - but he can also be quarrelsome, a boaster, liar, and cheater.

Likes / Dislikes //

:YUP: by 8-BitSpider novelty - the unusual - reading - variety in life

:NOPE: by 8-BitSpider stagnation - feeling tied down - being ignored - mental innactivity

Crimes // He has been fined 250,000,000 space bucks and sentenced for more than 375 years for producing counterfeit money at a large scale. Luckily for him, he has yet to be connected to other crimes he has been involved in as the investigation against the Lavendar Ridge Mob is still ongoing.

Backstory // Mischievous since a very young age, he would steal from the nearby farms only to later sell the goods in further locations where it was harder to grow anything on his home planet, Drakkal. He ran away from home, leaving Drakkal at 14 by stowing away on a ship.

At 16 he joined the galactic military and was assigned to artillery. That did not last long, as he deserted the military soon after experiencing the field up close and personal. He tried college for a short period of time but bailed because he found the classes boring and tedious. He then ended up joining one of his closest army buddies to assist this friend’s mob family, known as The Lavender Ridge Mob.  

It was then he discovered his skill in producing fake goods, but his specialty was recreating Space Bucks. With Gruff as the star designer in the lab, they successfully printed and sold fifteen percent of the currency in circulation at the time. He perfected the fake bills, to the point where the notes were good enough to fool UV detectors. The Lavender Ridge Mob were obviously happy with his work, laundering the fake currency into the system with little hitch for years... that was until they got busted.

"The dying art still lives on in those hands" random space cop after uncovering The Lab

The discovery of the crime led to devaluing of the currency, an economic crisis and, unknown to investigators, contributed to installing a close Lavender Ridge Mob friend to a seat in the intergalactic council.

Due to good connections, they managed to make Gruff “disappear”, breaking him out before his trial.

Trivia //
- Don't ask him how he lost his tail.
- It's a miracle he hasn't keeled over and hacked up a black lung by now since he's been smoking since eleven.
- Gruff rarely leaves the ship, using the excuse of having too much to do on board, but there's talk that he might be afraid of stepping outside.
- Because he doesn't leave the ship he's usually seen wearing an apron and slippers.
- Due to having a need to constantly do "something" he'll always have cigarettes, toothpicks or bones in his mouth.
- To keep his mind busy he literally plays games (even in his head) of sudoku, chess, crosswords or any other puzzle game.
- He appreciates anyone willing to play any of his puzzle games with him.
- He appreciates it even more if other games are involved, though he hates commitment.
- Gruff unintentionally ended up caring for a space cat he's dubbed "whiskers".

★ Roleplay Profile // :thumb584401267: :thumb584401267:

Name // Anamaris on Devi, MAD on Discord

Timezone // CST (China standard time) UTC/GMT +8 hours

RP Methods // art and forum lover [mabeh Discord]

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Helsic|Professional Digital Artist
The tree eyed cat is awesome!~
I love his clothes, what was he cooking? lol
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jenocidal9|Hobbyist General Artist
I really like the attire you put him in lol
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Anamaris| Digital Artist
Not 100% happy with how it's colored, but glad people seem to enjoy his fashion sense. XD
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jenocidal9|Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah definitely loving the spotted apron and bunny slippers lol
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I'M,,,,,, IN LOVE???? 
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Anamaris| Digital Artist
Glad someone likes him. 
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