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Hi babes!

Thu Dec 20, 2012, 4:14 PM

Hola a todos, ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la ultima vez que escribi algo por aca. Los pondre al tanto.. he tenido algo de trabajo como modelo, me ha fascinado poder participar en distintos proyectos y conocer a mucha gente buena (poorque todavia la hay) en este medio.

Tambien tuve algunos tropiezos pero no me quejo, la vida sigue... y aunque continuo esperando a que me llegue el espiritu navideņo no pierdo la fe.

Al fin termine mi perfil en Model Mayhem →

Y eso es todo, mi vida no es tan interesante como muchos piensan... ustedes que han hecho, como han estado?

Los quiero!♥


Hi, everyone!

It has been so much time since the last journal I left here. Well, I have to tell that I have had a lot of modeling work, it has been so exciting to participate in many projects with new people, It's nice to meet good people in the fashion world 'cuz there are a few of them already.

Also have had a few mistakes but I keep walking, life's not over... and although I keep waiting for the christmas spirit come to me I don't lose my faith.

Finally I ended my Model Mayhem profile →

And that's it. My life isn't as interesting as many people think.

How have you bee? What have you done?

I love you♥

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It has been so much time since the last time a wrote a journal.

Well, I tell you that I've been so much busy with my modeling career..

I've make some body painting, a calendar, and the most important of all is that I've just represented "La catrina" (a sugar skull), who is a very important mexican figure and who I can stop loving her :)

I make a photoshot, body paint, model in the cementery, model in a cultural festival and have many other things to do with the costume, but those are coming soon.. that's it.

My life is going so great and I love it... hope yours are so blessed as mine.

I send you a big hug and a hudge kiss.

Jah bless you guys♥
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How can I begin an entry for my journal in english?

As you already know I'm a mexican girl and my english isn't the best, but I keep trying to improve it.

Well actually I was writing some tweets and chatting on facebook when a little voice came to my mind and told me "hey! I really love our DA" and I started laughing alone in my room and with everyone asleep.

In other news... I'm a good writter... in spanish of course... people say that and I believe in people, maybe that's a bad thing and that's why I get disappointed many times... with some that I've cosider my "friends".

Do you know? I don't really have many friends. I'm alone almost all day, and when someone come to me to be my friend and I trust in him or her.. I get disappointed again :/

That's everyday... I prefer virtual people, those who are in other places, in other countries and have different culture, tradition and interests. Those people are really good friends and some of them... I don't met them even on a picture, but I love 'em with my heart.. I love you 'cuz in someone of all of you that are reading this... I know that I could find a best friend, a brother/sister.

Jah bless you all.:blowkiss:
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Well... I was designing a web page for an online radio but I got a little bit frustrated 'cuz I'm not a software developer and don't know how to upload that.

That's it.. My life isn't as interesting as I would like to.. but I enjoy every moment of it..

How about you.. what did you do on this day? :)
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