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Collage made with the help of GiantessJazmini's Excellent OC on Giantesscity. I was torn between using two different poses so expect the alternate version relatively soon . Edit: Nevermind I closed photoshop by accident without saving. ripppppp

Also what do you guys think about the HDR effect? Is it too stronk? Is it cool? I know I made it a it overblown for this collage but I sorta like it, not for every collage of course.
HDR Toning Comparison by AnAlternateUsername
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Haha just noticed Amy Pond in the background.

I love how well done this is, the perspective seems spot on.
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I would let pick me up
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Stunningly amazing!
The reaching for the viewer pose is my favorite giantess pose.  I also concur on short hair being the best hair.  Great job!
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Absolutely lovely! This is our favorite collage of the week on Giantess Collagers.
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This is insane dude love it
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Soooooooo good!
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I love the scale and the pose and the overall seamlessness between the various source images—nicely done! Having said that, I must admit that I'm more of a fan of the more traditional contrast values rather than the forced HDR. But still, great work! :)
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This is seriously epic, collages like this that convey scale so effectively are rare. I've never seen anything like this which is kinda refreshing lol.
I personally prefer the non-HDR look, as it looks more realistic, but I think that HDR has it's time and place. Like non-HDR seems very good for trying to create the illusion of the viewer physically being there and seeing this in reality, while HDR may be better for trying to create a look that feels more like a photo someone took on their phone. So I suppose its how you use it lol.
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Very Impressive :D

Much more that a Polandball reference? Because you're my hero if it is.
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Epic! Love it :love: 

The HDR effect looks sweet. 
Non-HDR version looks more realistic, like an actual photo done in a rush. I like it more.
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Karen Gillan!  :D
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really fantastic work btw
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I'd love to see her soles.
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The HDR toning provided nice contrast in places that glued her with the ground together. Definitely keep it!
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I think the HDR effect is really cool. :sunglasses: revamp 
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Duuuuude ... THAT'S a giantess collage!  Great sense of scale, the perspective is overwhelming! =D  

And, of course, yay for Karen! =P
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weheyy found a whole load of high res images of her in that costume. spoiled for choice now ;p
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