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Pearl Shimeji

I did Pearl Shimeji!
Download zip.
Download rar.
I edited xml files, added some behaviours (thanks this tutorial).
There are five different outfits to choose from.

Original program was created by group-finity, english version is here.

Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar

On Tumblr:…
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Doesn't spawn for me for some reason. WIndows 7, java installed.
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Здравствуйте! Могу посоветовать вот что:
- проверить, установлена ли 32-битная (x86) Java (на 64-битной моё Shimeji работать не будет).
- скачать Shimeji отсюда: Shimeji-ee 1.0.6 Download And Instructions. Если оно запускается на вашем компьютере, попробуйте заменить его папки img и conf соответствующими папками из моего Shimeji.
- запустить 
Shimeji-ee.jar или Shimeji-ee.bat
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every time i download it it says i need some win zip thing idk what to do could u help me?
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It's an archive. You need a program to open it (such as 7-Zip), or try online uncompressors
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O goat, she's so cute!!!

Oh, she's making me drown with 12334443476564624 pearls! SHE DUPLICATES!!
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This was pretty good! I especially love the multiple costumes you made.
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Thank you very much!
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Will you add Bad Pearl from "Last One Out of Beach City"?
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I'm afraid not, sorry
is there a rar file i could download? i'm really bad with zip files and everytime i download a shimeji thats a zip file it asks me to get all of this weird java stuff.
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I'll see what I can do, if you are willing to wait a few days
nevermind! i installed the java and got it to work... it's adorable! thanks!
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Hey! I'm working on a Stevonnie shimeji, and I want them to have very similar behaviours, I was wondering if you would be ok if I used the same codes you used? I would credit you for making the codes, of course! I just have no idea how to make extra behaviours on my own and the online tutorials aren't the best, not to mention your lovely work has the same amount of extra behaviours and frames as I wanted. If not that's totally fine! I have 80s Pearl on my desktop almost constantly <3
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Oh, it's ok! You can use codes with credit.
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Awesome, thanks! I'll link you when I'm done!
what are those moving characters that can go on your screen.
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Pearl Emote 1 Pearl Emote 11 Pearl Emote 2 Rave  Pearl Emote 19 Pearl and Amethyst Emote 2 GIF Steven Universe - Laughing GIF Steven Universe - Pearl is so done with your s GIF Steven Universe - No! Pearl Emote 25 Pearl Emote 37 Pearl Emote 18 Pearl  Pearl Emote 14 Pearl Emote 41 Pearl Emote 36 Pearl Emote 32 Pearl Emote 42 Pearl Emote 3 Pearl Emote 38 Past Pearl Emote 3 Pearl Emote 23 Pearl Emote 27 Pearl Emote 24 Pearl Emote 16 Mlep OVERREACTING!!!!!!!emote 
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She's adorable! And I'm impressed by the amount of extra behaviours!
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