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Suzumiya Haruhi Halloween

haruhi character in a halloween version~
this is what happen in the drawing.

Kyon: did we forget something?
Haruhi: um.... u think we forget something?..... i dont
think so...
Mikuru: hyaa...... sob, sob.....
Itsuki: my~ it seems we forget yuki, ah~ yuki..........
Everybody: YUKI!!!!

lolz! that's what pop in my mind while im drawing XD
anyway, somebody~ can help me to colour it?

this character does not belong to me but to suzumiya haruhi creator :D

im just a fan~ :D
ask me first if u want this picture, or i'll kick ur ass if i found this pic was copyrighted~
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great lineart!
Gothic-Nyu's avatar
nice lineart :D

will you color it?
analogmaniactruez's avatar
nah... i dont know how to colour it using photoshop......... ^^;
Gothic-Nyu's avatar
photoshop is not that difficult but difficult enough :P

you could color it with tradional medias ;)
MidnightAlchemist's avatar
;w; It's so pretty~:heart: Your lineart is nice and clean!! (unlike mine) I might color it if I have permission? :D
analogmaniactruez's avatar
thank you! :hug:
you can colour it, i would be happy!! :hug:
gateux's avatar
very cool! ^^
gudumbok's avatar
what a luv characters!!!!!...permission to color please:D
analogmaniactruez's avatar
dipersilakan~ hehehe!!! :D
gudumbok's avatar
errr....coloring ntuk lkisan ni on da process...sabo ye?...hehehhehe
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