Out with the Old, In with the New

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As Father Time heads for the hills of memory, and the baby New Year is freshly spanked and sent into the world, we hope for better than we knew before.

May this year find you inundated with love, light and inspiration of only the best and most positive kind.

rip rjd by Frisbeedogz by :iconfrisbeedogz:

The Charm by ertacaltinoz by :iconertacaltinoz:

Free Avatard - Handshake by LeoLeonardo by :iconleoleonardo:

always... with you by willowziggy by :iconwillowziggy:

Message to all by SHARIKAYE by :iconsharikaye:

Realms by Lemmy-X by :iconlemmy-x:

Mature Content

Through The Dark by Renco08
by :iconrenco08:

...your mother's eyes. by toerning by :icontoerning:

Ageless BeautyBeauty has no age limit
yet life does
so as the beauty notices the sands of time slipping by
what is she to do?
should she reach out with both hands cupped to slow the fall
or rather spend her remaining time living instead
if she focuses on its passing all time will do is fly faster by
yet instead if she were to seize the day
and be truly alive time becomes but a shadow in the distance
in her fleeting moments of eternity what will she see
is it asking beyond reality to have a few moments of happiness along the way
should the chance of contentment fall through her fingers
or instead should she live those dreams and desires that make her heart soar
should she will her wishes and whims into existence
it is within the core of every soul to live our lives to their fullest
why should she be any less that what she can be
while the time remains the beauty should become the content
and before her hourglass is empty she must be happy with the days of her life.
by :iconcyborg44:

Mugette is back by posei by :iconposei:

Pictures - HaikuA picture is worth
one thousand words & many
by :iconlandoriginal:

:cash-cow: by dutchie17 by :icondutchie17:

Dangerous Game by Karsten-Werner by :iconkarsten-werner:

Light Bringer by xericho by :iconxericho:

connettivita by hiram67 by :iconhiram67:

:thumb164004090: by :iconconsuelo-parra:

I'll See You In My DreamsOur souls will dance at night,
Dream to dream they'll meet.
We will know by lovers' sight
Our hearts match, beat for beat.
by :icontina-go-lightly:

Scintillate by Captain-McWhitey by :iconcaptain-mcwhitey:

Wintermute by Greyguardian by :icongreyguardian:

Alang title by disasterpiece069 by :icondisasterpiece069:

The Meaning Of A Great ManIt takes a great man to lift up a lady's soul.
The one who can bring up
The hidden smiles; and the will
To wake up each morning.
It takes a wonderful man who
Can revive my heart and let it sing.
It takes more than a man.
To revive what's been missing away.
And it takes an angel
To keep my heart full and wanting
To sing throughout each night and day.
And it takes someone like you.
With your smile that melts.
To keep me up with fever.
That never decreases.
And it takes a special someone.
Who keeps me alive for a reason.
It takes more than just a man.
by :icontalbotc:

:thumb125071087: by :iconjograetz:

The WildFor it is the earth that we walk upon.
What satisfies me most is the grass beyond,
or perhaps it is the stone streaked prism pond,
that captures my spirit most vividly.
Do you ever hear a complaint?
Do you ever sense some restraint,
from the surrounding seas,
the birds and the bees,
or the hovering clouds in the distance?
The truth lays,
in the cries,
of the wild;
open to all,
of humanity.
by :iconpurplecuriosity:

Wesp 4 by Prototyps Crab spider 2 by Prototyps by :iconprototyps:

walking on a dream by jostef by :iconjostef:

Fleabag by Skia by :iconskia:

Itinerant by ShadyBlues by :iconshadyblues:

Transient by hibbary by :iconhibbary:

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Thank you so much for the feature! :heart: What a throwback! lol

I'm flattered you love one of my favorite poems.