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Inspire Cloud Wallpaper by SanguineEpitaph by :iconsanguineepitaph:

:thumb258575666: by :iconsharkluver13:

Mature Content

Darenzia - Still Life by tmronin
by :icontmronin:

Red is my love by Mitoka by :iconmitoka:

The Dancer by Sozra by :iconsozra:

Polyommatus icarus by dtr777 by :icondtr777:

:thumb254513537: by :iconzarryberry:

Be Yourself by fear-the-brilliance by :iconfear-the-brilliance:

kx 02 by metindemiralay by :iconmetindemiralay:

Mature Content

Private Dancer by Radthorne
by :iconradthorne:

:thumb189019239: by :iconendsweep:

:thumb268396218: by :iconshelobandwolfie:

Black Veil Brides by Cynthia-Blair by :iconcynthia-blair:

-- Vinyl -- by yvanquinet by :iconyvanquinet:

by :icon13nyx:

Stalkers by Alephunky by :iconalephunky:

.:Never Give Up:. by emkimimaro45 by :iconemkimimaro45:

Fruit dream by fogke by :iconfogke:

lips girl by Cvet04ek by :iconcvet04ek:

Judgement"You need to stop doing this."
"Stop doing what?"
"Writing me into your stories."
"Because…it scares me. I'm not this guy that you write about. I'm not some kind of Prince Charming and I'm certainly not a sea God or whatever you like to say about my eyes every now and then."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah. You really need to work on your judgement of people, because this is all wrong. It's like you don't know me at all!"
"So why don't you correct me and I'll fix my idea of you accordingly."
"Well…firstly, I'm a really nervous person."
"Yeah. Your hands are either fiddling with your hair or your sleeve, or you're biting your nails."
"And I don't like going out. I'm a hermit."
"Except to your best friends' houses, or to the animal shelter, or to me."
"And I'm dead inside."
"Says the boy who hides his tears at the sight of an injured puppy."
"I do not."
"Yes, you do."
"Anyway, I'm not always nice to you. In fact, I really don't do enough."
"You're right. Except…yo
by :iconuntamedunwanted:

Come on baby... by Alessia-Izzo by :iconalessia-izzo:

Inferno by girltripped by :icongirltripped:

:thumb254204779: by :iconsharkluver13:

Mature Content

Dragon's Tale. Breathe. by Vitaly-Sokol
by :iconvitaly-sokol:

Mature Content

Torn by LmAnt
by :iconlmant:

Mature Content

Erziehung by lacrima83
by :iconlacrima83:

Mature Content

Playful by AlexandraB24
by :iconalexandrab24:

Such Sweet Sorrow
Tell me about something that made you sad.
Uh. Okay. Let me think. [Pause] I was sad when I sent you to the airport in San Antonio. That made me sad… You leaving again made me sad.
Yeah. That made me sad, too. Parting is always sad, but you know what's worse? It always gets better. The first couple times, you're like—she's leaving, I'm so sad I'm going to cry. And then, after a long time, you get used to it. That is sad.
Yeah. I understand.
Mm. Let's sleep now.
She fell into a slumber quickly. I soon heard her gentle and rhythmic breathing next to me. But I stayed awake to ponder her words. Did parting really get easier as time went by?
I don't think so. If else, I feel that it gets harder. More painful each time to see her turn her back on me and walk away. It's just that I've gotten stronger, and I've learned to smile when I wave goodbye. And cry l
by :iconfantasydreams46:

autumn kiss by blooding by :iconblooding:

by :iconrdwstudio:

:thumb238752629: by :iconnostalgiaplatz:

Till death do us part by dark-spider by :icondark-spider:

hades and persephone 2 by sandara by :iconsandara:

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Totally late, but thank you so much!! I'm really honored. :)