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Their Futile Love

He Every time I turn around, The world buries me a-ground! This last time this ordeal, Do I have to intimately feel! She This is the last smile, I will give for a while. Make to the move to be But I will not leave Why do you have to make it So much more complicated If its meant to be then it Won't be so discombobulated He Ask me to fight for you and I will raise a great hell on earth than hell ... Ask me to leave you so its easier and I'd rather never be ..... Steel the self for darkness comes


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Flecki (Little cat)


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Baby Cthulhu Luvs You


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Holiday Card Project Stamp

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The Fattening of Lilith: Aftergirth (SSBBW/WG)

A problem with Lilith—the demon with coal colored skin, large horns, and a waterfall of red hair—is that she’s blindfolded.  On top of that fact, the devil is adult sized and has a pair of colossal tits. Both her fatty orbs are larger than state-fair pumpkins.  The twins jiggle a bit like gelatin as she breathes, “Incubus and Lil Haunt am I close to a door?” Lilith asks—hands forward, and wandering blindly around the room of a decrepit cellar. The area was dark and full of spider webs. “Lilith stop moving forward!” Incubus says. The demon imp flaps his wings—he’s hovering in front

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Jensen Ackles (commission)

Beauty of Man

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The J-word


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Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles)


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Sichuan Opera Chuanju Performers Chongqing China

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Starred Freckles


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amester II


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How Malware Works Via Banner Ads

   by $Heidi  Tweet    How Malware Works Via Banner Ads   As many deviants know, deviantART has been working hard to combat malicious banner ads that infiltrate   our advertising network, and we've previously addressed this issue in   April 2011   and August 2011.     In our ongoing effort to keep the deviantART community safe, we wanted to share the following   USA Today-produced   video that explains how malicious ads inundate the Web.   How Malicous Ads Inundate the Web   (Source: USA Today)   Protect Yourself   Malware advertising is an Internet-wide problem that affects many of the Net's top sites.   Keep

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