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Yuri Pairings

Hmm hmm... quick drawings of some of the yuri pairings I like :P I'm such in a fanart mood this days..

1- Julia & Ran from the manga Strawberry Shake Sweet by Shizuru Hayashiya~... I just love them, they are so stupidly cute together, and I'd kill for an anime of this x)

2- Akko & Mari from Girl Friends by the great Milk Morinaga~ *v* I love all of her yuri stories, and she was my main inspiration when I started to draw yuri, and decided to create Haru and Kotomi x) and I say the same as for SSS, I want an anime of Girl Friends so badly! It's just a great yuri Dx

3- Nanoha & Fate from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha~ hmm.. I think almost everyone knows them already xP there aren't words to explain how much I love this pair <3

4- Mai & Reo from Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series (VN 3 and 5, I think)~ the truth is I only played the first game, because is the only one that has been translated to english, and I didn't really like the main characters there D: I do like most Mai and Reo and I'd love to play their stories x) but at least I can say I watched the ova, and loved it <3 I just wanted to draw them, they are too cute (in a pervert way xD)

I was going to include Cho and Hermione here, but I ended up liking the pic so much, so I'll be posting it separately :3
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This picture needs Chikane/Himeko pairing =)
Kiojion's avatar
Nanoja and fate, my favorite Yuri ship
Mariejade26's avatar
Love yuri. So nice! ❤️
Wolf1139's avatar
What's the name of the last one?
harumiyuuki0193's avatar
What's the name of the first one?
Neshi-Farfarer's avatar
Very well done, and nice selections ye got there.

Hmm. Wondering. What were your thoughts with how you arranged these? Not in an escalating order, I see.
ShadowKohai's avatar
The first one is like me and ILoveAnimeGirl13 
the second one is like me and ????ReRe????
the third one is like me and lovelyohana808 
and the last one is like me and IAMZITA 
Murmaider2-WaterG's avatar
Whts the name of the bottom one?
MacWafflez's avatar
Sono Hana... Masters of yuri ^^
ARTfdg's avatar
ah! my, my nose won't stop bleeding ><
MoonLight-Sakura394's avatar
Reo and mai! naww! >//w//<
KookieMastahArt's avatar
omg how did i guess all of them, i'm getting too addicted to yuri...
DeathLorde121's avatar
There can NEVER be too much addiction when it comes to yuri :P
AnimexObsession's avatar
please tell me from which the first one is
ChibiSweetyPie's avatar
I guess i became a Yuri fan sigh  Im already a yaoi fan how can i make more room for yuri oh and im a genderbender fan and a furry fan and a a a a a fan of fans of fans fan fan
marykatemurray's avatar
omgomgomgomg AMAZINGG
ykkb's avatar
Love them all!
Girl Friends is my best of yuri comics.
NatsuMidori-chan's avatar
Akko-chan and Mari-chan! I love these two ^w^!
suziekilburn1997's avatar
Girlfriends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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