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Yuri Pairings



Hmm hmm... quick drawings of some of the yuri pairings I like :P I'm such in a fanart mood this days..

1- Julia & Ran from the manga Strawberry Shake Sweet by Shizuru Hayashiya~... I just love them, they are so stupidly cute together, and I'd kill for an anime of this x)

2- Akko & Mari from Girl Friends by the great Milk Morinaga~ *v* I love all of her yuri stories, and she was my main inspiration when I started to draw yuri, and decided to create Haru and Kotomi x) and I say the same as for SSS, I want an anime of Girl Friends so badly! It's just a great yuri Dx

3- Nanoha & Fate from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha~ hmm.. I think almost everyone knows them already xP there aren't words to explain how much I love this pair <3

4- Mai & Reo from Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series (VN 3 and 5, I think)~ the truth is I only played the first game, because is the only one that has been translated to english, and I didn't really like the main characters there D: I do like most Mai and Reo and I'd love to play their stories x) but at least I can say I watched the ova, and loved it <3 I just wanted to draw them, they are too cute (in a pervert way xD)

I was going to include Cho and Hermione here, but I ended up liking the pic so much, so I'll be posting it separately :3
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This picture needs Chikane/Himeko pairing =)