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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 28, 2005, 3:37 PM


Frequently Asked Questions

status: updated on Novermber 2012

Before sending me a note/e-mail or simply asking a question, please take a moment to read this F.A.Q. in case I have an answer waiting for you already. :heart:

:bulletred: Are your gallery anywhere outside dA?
Yes, in as many places as I know of! :la: Here's the journal that should answer your question:… .

:bulletred: Are you open for commissions?
Yes indeed. My curreny commission status can be found here:… .

:bulletred: Are you available for full-time commercial work?
It depends on my schedule, but please feel free to contact me with details via mail: daria @ anako . pl .

:bulletred: Do you do requests/art trades/collabs?
Since I'm very busy with commercial work nowadays, I hardly find time for myself, let alone for other people. So I don't do requests, just commissions. Art trades and collabs depends on my spare-time situation at the moment. So if you want to offer me one, send me a note. :)

:bulletred: What programs and tools do you work with?
Adobe Photoshop CS5 for about everything. Sometimes Paint Tool SAI for drawing linearts. For tablet I use Wacom Intuos 3.

:bulletred: Can you give me your brushes?
Currently I can't. My set of brushes is totally mixed with the ones I created, downloaded and purchased - and I have no idea which are which! xD But I plan on recreating some of the most useful on my own and then I'll consider sharing them. :meow:

:bulletred: Can I use your picture as my avatar/rpg character/fb profile picture?
Yes you can, but only if you credit me (with a link to dA or my portfolio), won't remove the watermark and - of course - let me know!

:bulletred: How did you become a Senior Member?
Back in 2007-2008 I was a Gallery Director on deviantART. After I resigned from the position, I got a Senior Member status.

:bulletred: You have the infinite subscription? How did you get it?
Every deviant who becomes a Moderator receives this kind of subscription.

:bulletred: I wrote you a note/mail/comment but you didn't answer. How long will I wait? D:
I'm very sorry if you feel abandoned! The most possible reason is that currently my inbox is flooded with comments and notes and I lack to time to respond. However, if I don't reply for longer than a week (unless I'm on vacation or so), please feel free to send you question again, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :)

:bulletred: Can you give me some advice/tips on how to draw/paint?
Some time ago I made two tutorials that show my working process: & . Maybe they're not 100% accurately up-to-date now, but you should get the general idea of how it looks. DeviantART and internet are full of this kind of tutorials and videotutorials, so just dive in! Other than that, the only true and most helpful tip in the world is only one word: practice! ;)

:bulletred: Can you please look at/comment on my works?
Oh I would love to, but usually I don't even find enough time to check my devWATCH inbox! So I'm sorry, but please don't expect that I'll do it.

:bulletred: Can you give me a llama?
Sorry, but I don't do llamas :I

:bulletred: Why did you change your username to 'anako-art'?
I had never been satisfied with 'aeterne' - it was both hard to type and to remember for many people. Because my business name is formally "Anako ART", I was really happy to have the opportunity to finally change it. Now no one will confuse me (hopefully!).

:bulletred: And what exactly does the word "anako" mean?
As far as I know, it means nothing, at least in Asian languages. I'm only aware of some African tribe named "Anako"... :giggle: That nickname came to my mind in a dream when I was about 11-12 years old. And it just sticked.

:bulletred: Are you right- or left-handed?
Actually, both! I draw and write only with my left hand. But besides that, I do everything else with either left or right hand.

:bulletred: What's with that "future-written-story" thing?
The story I've been planning to write since 2002 will eventually come alive. I'm sure of it. But... not now, unfortunately. :(


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