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I'm back and...~~

Wed Aug 24, 2005, 6:52 AM
Current work status: Young Detroneus, 100% finished~!

Have to buy crayons!! O_o


Yay I'm back. And now I have only one week left until the next school year starts...:| this feeling really upsets me ><

:bulletred: I want to thank everyone for supporting me during my last *artistic breakdown*..! your words and advices helped me a lot and later, when I took a pencil, I found out that the bad mood (or whatever it had been) passed... so thank you!!:hug: ^_^
(here's my last journal entry:…)

:bulletred: When I was in a village I drew many pictures... but most of them went to trash.:bleh: There are about six drawings I'll upload to DeviantArt but only one in the main gallery - the rest will be put to scraps... so check out that place;)

:bulletred: I finished "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky... and I really liked it. I love such psychological stories... and the whole atmosphere of the book is fantastic. I'm planning to draw a fanart but I'm not sure about the right scene yet:P

:bulletred: I have to buy crayons!! *_* I've been obsessed by the desire of colouring... I hope to do it this week. Of course, I could also colour with watercolours or even computer but only crayons I can bring to school:D

OK, the end of bla-bla-blaing. Bye bye for now! ^_^



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feeling rather bad~~

Fri Aug 19, 2005, 12:29 PM

Have you ever felt that everything you touch is breaking? Well, I'm sure you have. I feel the same way about drawing right now. Everything I try to draw becomes a big eyesore after only a few lines... and I don't know why ==

It's not that's I don't know what to draw - as I said in my previous journal entry, I've been recently in a non-endng-inspiration mood, and still, it's a damned truth. I feel like drawing or writing anything (I have so many ideas!) all the time but when it finally comes to do something... I CAN'T, with no reason!!

I've been thinking about it many times when such moments arrive...and I found out the possible reason - too much inspiration can kill. It burns. It's burning inside of me and wants to fly out. Sometimes, when it reaches the climax, I feel as if I had a fever... it's both painful and pleasing. I want a miracle to happen and I believe it can be done... Odd. I must sound very odd.

And now, being in such a mood, I can't make my inspiration alive...anywhere but my mind. It's yet impossible for me to materialize the thoughts. -_-

Sorry for the crapy entry. I just wanted to write down my thoughts. I'll be back home on Tuesday and then have some days left until the next school year. And now...I'll bo back to "Crime and Punishment", it's a book really worth reading!



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  • Reading: "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • Watching: "Labyrinth" (yea, I'm into that movie right nowXD)

Being away~~

Tue Aug 16, 2005, 1:47 PM

Tempus fugit, res mutantur...

Yes, things change. As I look now at my life I can't figure out how much it has changed in the past three months. And how much I changed...:o But hey, it's only a small digression.:P

I have some points to tell you:

:bulletred: I'm going to a village tomorrow and of course it means I won't add anything until Monday or even Tuesday. But fortunately I'll have an access to Internet so I'll be checking my message centre in the evenings:D

:bulletred: I'll try do draw there as much as possible. Funnily, I'm in a never-ending-inspiration mood recently and I'm afraid of how it would end if I didn't draw anything.:confused: Maybe it would destroy from inside. Nevermind.:P

:bulletred: I have so many books to read and of course too little time to do it == It really upsets me. And what's the most terrific - the next school year is getting closer and closer...

:bulletred: As you maybe guessed, I'm also into the movie "Labyrinth" recently ^_^ I haven't watched it for about four years... you see, it's the first non-animated movie I saw, and I can even say that I grew up with it. Somehow it's funny to discover now the influence of this movie on my mind... oops, I went too far with writing ^^

:bulletred: I finally got myself an ID. But I'm not happy with it.:| I'll try to make another one... someday...

:bulletred: Once again, thank you all for 2000 hits!! I'll do my best to improve in the future!!8-)

And that's all I have to say for now. Heh, I wonder who read the whole entry. XD



  • Listening to: "Labyrinth" soundtrack^^
  • Reading: "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • Watching: "Labyrinth" (yea, I'm into that movie right nowXD)


Thu Aug 11, 2005, 3:07 AM
There surely will be a header some day. I just have to do it XD


OK, so the Internet is doing well now. I didn't even have to re-install the system - my uncle did a little magic and everything works again;)

There are still some points left:

1. My next drawing is already sitting in my mind and I hope to start it (and maybe finish? who knows?:P) today.:) (Edit: it's finished, check out my gallery;) but yet I have another drawing in my mind...:roll:) (Edit2: and that one is finished too XD damn I should make a new journal entry...)

2. I have a lot of work to do... I have to write four articles to a magazine in a very short time. But I'll do my best8-)

3. So I'm reading the next book about Alexander the Great. It's very interesting, it's not written like an ordinary biography but like a novel... I think I'll finish it soon.

4. I'm going to a village not this weekend but on Tuesday. And I hope to add some things until then;)

5. Also, it's time for me to make an ID and decorate my DeviantArt page somehow...:o my Journal has a lot of new features now!:D (Edit3: and I made an ID... ID that doesn't suit me at all >.< )

5. I have to draw more. Mooore... I'm planning to make use of my watercolours. Or colour something with a computer. Anything.



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My Internet got ill yestrday and it doesn't work.:cries:
I'm afraid I should re-install the system...these stupid Windows XP...:upset:

Fortunately I've got my Mom's computer and I can look here and here for a while......... it's slow, but always.


Blah. It won't upset me so much, because I'm still happy of the subscription I won!:D >>… . (:heart: for bakka)
I'm glad DA'a 5th birthday was a happy day!:)

Some things:

1. I'm working on a big project right now. Maybe not big indeed (..A4), but I've already spent hours on shading and it's not even a half of it.:O_o: But I hope it will look impressive ^^ (the work is finished - check out my gallery:D)

2. Also, it's time for me to make an ID and decorate my DeviantArt page somehow...:o my Journal has a lot of new features now!8-)

3. I have to draw more. Mooore... I'm planning to make use of my watercolours. Or colour something with a computer. Anything.

4. I started to read the next book about Alexander the Great. (believe or not, but I love this man:love:) I think it's high time to start preparing to my matura exams... eh.

5. I'm going to a village this weekend. So again - there will be a pause until I add something. Aww...



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I still can't believe it! I won a year subspription!! O_O
I even didn't do anything peculiar... I was just chatting in DA's #devart and very nice gentleman called bakka suddenly gave me a subscription! aww I love you, man!!:glomp:

Don't wait - go there now and get yourself a subscription too!! They're giving it almost to everyone!!

Geez, I'm still shocked.:o
Now I have to make use of my "late-birthday-gift" (hehe, actually, three days ago I had my 18th birthday:D) and decorate my DeviantArt page... ^^ Wow, there are so many options now...


And I think this will mobilize me to draw more!! I've been ill in recent days so I didn't do anything useful. Anything! I'm still tired...but with a subscription.:lol:

*happy happy happy*

And Happy Birthday to DeviantArt!!:D



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Mood: :sick:
Reading: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Listening to: Opeth - Ghost Reveries
Writing: Some articles...


It's 7th... well... All I can say is to have a happy Yellow Day!! After all, it's 5th DeviantArt's birthday:lol:!


OK, I'm sick of all the things happening in DeviantArt. I want it to end.

I joined DA not a long time ago... actually, there's been only two months. That's why I hardly undterstood what was going on when I heard for the first time about jark being fired.
I know he's a co-founder of DA and it was cruel to "sack him without his knowledge", as it is officialy spread on DeviantArt.
But we don't know the truth.

And I don't know the truth so this whole chaos around DA annoys me!

I will be here on 7th and see what will happen. Until then I won't add anything because it's not worth it - people are hysterically leaving DA, protesting, signing the petitions but doing nothing to DeviantArt community itself...

That's what I think about it, but tell me if you have the other thoughts.



Edit: I think I should metion this, because as everyone I want to support DA. Sign the petition and show that so do you: .


I'm back!:D It was a tiring but exciting week. I'd never visited so many things in such a short time before. But the pain of my legs was worth it all.

Thank you for over 1000 hits!!!:blowkiss: I'm so happy of them!!!:happycry: I'll do my best to make my drawings more and more impressive...that's the goal every artist wants to gain...:)



*Going* to London was the worst thing ever - the trip lasted about 24 hours and we were totally exhausted after it. The thing I liked the most was riding under the English Channel (La Manche), while our coach was put into a big train.
And when we finally reached London, we still had to wait ten hours until our "new families" would take us home, so we visited Greenwich. I really liked its park:D

I lived in Croydon, in a small house, with three of my friends. Our hosts were typical English people and I was really happy because of that fact.:) Their sense of humor and all the rules made us confused many times!

We visited Tower of London, Museum of Natural History (with the terrific Tiranosaurus Rex:lol:), Harrods (hell yeah! XD), Hyde Park, British Museum (with the sculpture of Alexander the Great:D), Madame Tussaud's (I took a looot of photos! *_*), St James's Park, the front of Buckingham Palace (but because of bad weather they canceled the Changing the Guard:cries:), Museum of London and many other places worth visiting:D
So you see we were almost everywhere - everywhere but not in the Shakespeare Museum where I really wanted to go:(

What about the terrorists? well, I can say I had some luck, because we were travelling by the Underground all the time.
Remember the last incidents from 21th? we were sitting in a ship, sailing through Thames, when we saw a smoke floating behind the buildings. Glad we didn't miss the train that day.

But I was more lucky with being a viewer of the dangerous incident that happened when we were going to the train station one day. Two masked bandits suddenly attacked the man who was guarding a car with - I suppose - something really valuable. We were just five metres near them, observing an "ordinary fight", as we thought, but then the bandits took out the guns. It was high time to run away... (funny! we were watching the whole incident as if it had been a movie..) We only heard some shots behind us.
Even a minute didn't pass and the police came. But they didn't catch the bandits - the cruisers were circling Croydon the whole day.

I bought a new Harry Potter's book!! haha XD I also got "The Loathsome London" (from the "Terrible Histories" series) and - what's the most important for me - I bought ALL THE SHAKESPEARE's DRAMAS!:excited: for only 18 pounds! (it's a issue from 1947) I'm so happy, because in Poland it would cost millions!!:D In Harrods I bought only one thing - a mechanical pencil 0.5 with Hello Kitty:giggle:.

I'm so sad my departure is over!! but hey - I'm happy I finally was somewhere I had wanted to go for many years. I liked London much, but I don't think I would like to live in the city-centre. Rather in a place like Croydon - I loved its peculiar atmosphere...

Soon I'll try to show you some photos.:)


:poke: - the main motive of our trip! haha, never tired of poking people XD
Finally! Two months of waiting, many hours of dreaming... and yes, that is the day!! Tomorrow I'm going to London!:D

It will be a long, long trip until we reach England. We'll leave Poland, go through Germany and then through Netherlands. After this we'll drive under the English Channel (La Manche) and finally get to England... over 24 hours or something:O_o:.

It will be only one week spent in London but I'm so happy just because of going there:D I can't wait to see Big Ben, British Museum, Hyde Park and so on... *_* I'm even planning to see one of William Shakespeare's dramas!
And also, I'm going to buy there the new Harry Potter's book, haha:D

I don't think I'll draw anything during my departure so there'll be a long pause until the next deviation ==

Thank you all for your comments and support!! It means a lot to me!!! ^___^

Se ya on 29th;)

Edit: I'm back=P But not for long, because on Monday I'm going to...London! hell yeah!:D It will be only one week, though == And I don't think I'll manage to draw there... so I'm afraid there will be a long pause until I add any new deviation. But I'll do my best to overtake it XD

And till my departure, I'll add one more drawing, so keep on visiting my gallery ^.^



And after uploading my old stuff - here I am with my recent artworks! There's only few drawings left to the latest one.

Thank you all for over 500 entries (wow!), I'm really proud of them! =^^=

And don't forget that many of my older arts I put to Scraps!;) (scraps scraps scraps... :3 what a funny word XD)

But aw, I have a problem, cause lately I can't draw anything good, maybe because of no inspiration, snif >< Would someone lend me some of theirs?^^ :P

That's all for now, I think on Monday I'll upload my newest work.

Whee, I finally opened my DeviantArt gallery!:w00t: I thought this moment would never come.:P

In my *creative* (ehem) drawing-life I've drawn over two hundred drawings that are worth showing (it isn't any great number, huh?). All of them are already put on my site:, but I don't see any sense in uploading here even a half of them. And that's why I have a dilemma in choosing the best ones...:confused:

Anyway... I'll put most of my old drawings to Scraps, and my favourites - to the main gallery. Maybe I will upload one/two arts a day until I reach my newest drawings... it depends on the pageviews... ;)

Hmm well, I hope you'll like my art and visit me more often!...:roll:

An update! (yeey)
Only few days left and I will open my gallery!:lol: Since I have a lot of my old arts to show, I will put one drawing every two days or something like that. Prepare for my big arrival:D :P

Previous message:
Hello everyone:D I finally decided to create my own DeviantArt account. Though I had some problems with it (both of my nicknames, "Anako" and "Tristia", are already in use:(), now I can freely comment other deviations and someday show mine.
Why "someday"? because now I have so many exams in my school that I don't have enough time even for checking my mail O_o

For now, you can *admire* my only deviation and wait for more to appear in next month :D


A wszystkie polskie duszyczki zapraszam tymczasem na moja stronke: :lol: