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Queen - A Sunny Day at the Races

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During my extensive work on the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack custom covers collection, I actually took some time off and worked on something that I wanted to do for a very long time:
Turning Queen's iconic A Day at the Races album from black to white.

I've always wondered why Queen chose a black background, when the album title's referring to a Day. Vice versa for A Night at the Opera. This little custom covers duo is finally answering that eternal question.

Races wasn't the piece of cake Opera was. First I had to meticulously cut out the logo and remove all those thick black contours, partly utilizing Photoshop's content-aware-fill tool and partly by manually painting in the missing colours myself. The blue/yellow background beams were recreated in its entirety. Colour and contrast adjustment also was quite extensive on this one, as the original was rather harsh and bleak. In the end I rewrote the text underneath and finally called it a (sunny) day!
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