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I'm glad you're here. If you're just stopping by to browse, or download a design to use in your digital jukebox or re-post elsewhere on the www... I hope you'll give credit where credit is due (I try to do the same when I repurpose others' work); regardless, I'm glad you're here -- thank you for stopping by and a special thank you to you regular folks that visit frequently to favorite, badge, bejewel, etc... and let me know you're looking and liking. Whether you're complimenting or criticizing, I welcome your constructive feedback and appreciate your encouragement. As I said in the beginning: whether a regular or just a tourist, I'm glad you're here. Thank you.

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I design cover artworks, digital booklets and 3D mockups
Thanks to a friendly ghost, I'm now a Core member and I will spend the next couple months uploading some of my non-soundtrack album art re-creations into deviantART sub-galleries. I'll try my best not to clutter up my gallery too much, I promise!
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So now I have to 'watch' someone to be able to see their content!? Uhm.... seriously!?
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My randomly generated mashup was: Spider-man, in Jurassic Park, with an unusual pet I'd draw that straight away, if only I could draw lol.
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Howdy Anakin! Thank you for dropping a sparkly on my 'X' soundtrack!

Would love to get your thoughts on this! ^^

Under the Skin (Custom Soundtrack Cover)
Wow very cool! All of those hit home so very hard.
Howdy Anakin!

Just sticking my head in to say hi and tell you Take Shelter #3, the entire VOID series (particularly inspired these are... a SOLID series of equal heavyweights deadlocked for best in show -- almost hit and run, you seemed to arrive at this series' thematic nexus very quickly and I'm curious if, for you, that was a hallmark of inspiration or practical brevity -- a means of cutting to the chase so you could satisfy your fascination with The Void before moving on to a property you found more exciting/a design space that moved you to pack a night bag, get a hotel room and stay/explore for awhile... ), Arrival #24, Prometheus #32 (you CERTAINLY packed a night bag and booked a long stay in the Prometheus universe...), and Kong: Skull Island #12 (I agree the movie was not nearly as good as it should have been; however the die cut rabbit-hole all the way to the vinyl label is a very exciting stunt indeed...) are all winners.

The blog continues to look great (the "making of" animations resonate -- designers remember going to similar lengths for their own passion projects while lay viewers get a glimpse into just  how. much. damn. work. goes into making these things... the lengths to which we'll go to completely deconstruct an image in order to resolve either a thematic or compositional problem); it's good to see you're still here plugging away. I'm sure we'll chat again sometime soon.
Good Evening!
Thanks for showering my work in praise, I really apreciate ;) My blog has been a little quiet the last few weeks (well, due to my inactivity), so reading your thoughts was extra satisfying to my artist's soul.

The Void was a special endeavor for me. I've stumbled upon the very first posters back in 2015 and the whole project stuck in my head ever since. I wanted to let the covers speak for themselves this time, hence the axed blog entry. But it did draw some attention, I even received a Twitter message from the composers (Blitz//Berlin) and they asked for high resolution print-versions of them. We even agreed on collaborating on a future project, though things like these usually leads to nothing... :-)

It's great to see that you're still into custom covers as well. I particularly chuckled at your Fight Club cover (yet was too damn lazy to let you know... sry). That's a covers series I still have on my plate as well, next to about 60 others lol. Business is booming ;)
I had a similar experience with my Carnival of Souls jacket. It caught the attention of release label Citadel Records who contacted me wondering if I wanted to do some design work for them on an upcoming anthology release of -- it's been a while now -- I think it was California beach music. We had a chat on the phone about it... and then I never heard from them again. Regardless, the attention was encouraging...