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Tutorial Mirai Sword EN

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Tutorial How i made Mirai sword from Kyoukai no Kanata 

I hope you liked and i hope it will help you in the future!

Thank you  :heart:

Thanks to my lovely friend kyara17 for helping me! ♥

See photos here ->…

PT Tutorial Mirai Sword PT by AnaIsabelaSantos



> Don't use my work without permisson <

With love Bella ♥
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This is the best simple cosplay prop DIY I've seen!! I planned to cosplay as Mileena from Mortal Kombat later this year and wanted to make her sais instead of buying a set (what with heavy metal props being risky and weapons check being exceedingly thorough). Could I use this same method for my weapon prop and credit you for the pointers in my uploads? ^_^

Also which type of foam did you use?
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Just to answer your question about the type of foam, I believe she used insulation foam (or something similar), which you can get at home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes. I believe Home Depot's insulation foam boards are pink in color, while Lowes are blue. Despite the color differences though, they are essentially the same thing. Hope this helps. :)
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Thank you, kind elf person! ^_^
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Waaaa thank you! it is really useful! <3
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This was a really helpful tutorial!  Thank you for sharing!
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how thick is the foam? ;w;
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mmmm I would like to give it a try to do some stuff O.o
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