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Rise of the Guardians -- Don't Cry...

Hazel skidded across the lake of ice, trying to keep her balance, but she fell anyway. Her brother, Jack, rushed to her side as quick as he could on his skates. Mother had said she was too young to try. But defiant Jack would never listen.

He landed on his knees next to her and saw that she was holding her knee, which was scraped and from the sharp ice. Tears ran down her face and almost froze there from the cold. Jack patted her shoulder and little Hazel looked up at her big brother, her eyes wet with tears.

"Don't cry, Hazel," Jack reassured. "It's just a little scrape. And we were just practicing. It'll get better."

At this, Hazel shook her head, brown hair flying in every direction. "I... I can't do it, Jack! It's too hard!"

"Don't talk like that. Come here." Jack opened his arms and Hazel flew into his waiting embrace. They sat their like that, hugging for a while, two souls of warmth against the cold town or Burgess. Every so often, Jack would stroke his sister's cheek to wipe away her never-ending tears, whispering, "Don't cry, little sis," until she had sobered enough for him to clean off her cut and they could try again.


I'M FINALLY CONTRIBUTING TO THE FANDOM! *dies* Jack and his sister (who I named Hazel) have just the cutest relationship. I don't know how accurate I got her because I only saw her for a few seconds in the movie, but I really like this picture. I hope you guys do too. :)

Jack Frost and his sister (c) Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures
Background (c) ~hellie-stock [link]
Writing (c) Me!
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