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YM-200r Cursor


This is the YM-200 mouse cursor for Windows. It’s a simple 3D design in red (blue, green, and white versions are also available). Unfortunately, I am not accepting requests for new colors anymore.

There are 15 total cursors here (plus some bonus cursors). The Normal Select, Text Select, Handwriting, Unavailable, Move, Alternate Select, and Link Select are static cursors, and the Working in Background, Busy, Precision Select, and all four Resize cursors are animated.

Other Colors:

To use this cursor:

1) After downloading the cursor, open your Downloads folder, locate the ZIP file you downloaded, and extract the files (to extract the files, right-click the ZIP file and hit Extract All).

2) Open the folder you extracted (it usually opens automatically), right-click the folder called YM-200r, and hit copy. Open C:\Windows\Cursors and press Ctrl+V to paste the folder (to open C:\Windows\Cursors, right-click the start button, click Run, type "C:\Windows\Cursors" and hit enter).

3) Open Mouse Properties (In Windows 10: Open settings, go to DEVICES, then go to Mouse & touchpad, then go to Additional mouse options. In older versions of Windows, you can get to Mouse Properties from Control Panel).

4) Under the Pointers tab, select each cursor, click Browse, and find the files in the C:\Windows\Cursors\YM-200r folder (for the Normal Select cursor, select the file called "YM-200r Normal Select," for the Help Select cursor, select "YM-200r Help Select," etc.). 

If you have questions or are having issues with this cursor, please feel free to comment.

Hope you enjoy it and have a great day!

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is there an install.inf?

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Now THIS is my kind of cursor! Large enough to see, a good highlight so I don't lose it in and dark colors, and the design is sharp and just looks great. I keep crossing the red arrows and blue arrows together for my desktop format, but I was curious to ask if it was possible to have a cursor of this design with the cursor alternating colors between red and blue?
were's the download links?
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The download link is in the top-right corner of the page. There's a button that says Download.
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Okay! It'll take 1-4 days for me to finish it.
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That's alright, I don't mind waiting.
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" If anyone would like it in any other color, please comment on which color you would like."
Whie/Gray or White Gray or white and gray please :3 (and also green \(^_^)/ )
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Okay, they're done! Here's the White/Gray one: and here's the green one:

Have a great day!
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One White/Gray and one Green coming up! I'll comment when they're finished (they should both be done in one to five days). Thanks for your interest!
Thank you for producing this so quickly! Excellent work!
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Thank you for your interest in this cursor! Enjoy and have a great day!
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