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Anathema Blue Cursor

So I finally finished the Anathema cursor for Windows. It's got a clean, modern design for those who are looking for a cursor that is simplistic but interesting. There are 15 cursors here, and all of them are animated except for the Normal Select, Link Select, and Unavailable cursors. This cursor is in blue, but it also comes in red, white and pink.

Other colors

Bullet; Red Red
Bullet; Red White
Bullet; Red Pink

Other stuff

Bullet; Red This is the mirrored version of this cursor for my fellow left-handers.
Bullet; Red This is my previous cursor, YM-200.

How to use this cursor

1) Download the cursor. The download button is in the top-right corner of this page.
2) Open your Downloads folder, locate the ZIP file you downloaded, right-click it, and hit Extract All.
3) Open the folder you extracted, find the file called "Installer.inf," RIGHT-CLICK it, and click "Install."
4) Open Mouse Properties (In Windows 10: Open settings, go to DEVICES, then go to Mouse & touchpad, then go to Additional mouse options. In older versions of Windows, you can get to Mouse Properties from Control Panel).
5) Under the Pointers tab, change the scheme to "Anathema Blue," and click Apply. Boom.

If you have questions or are having issues with this cursor, please feel free to comment.

If you like this cursor, it would mean a lot to me if you could Favorite it or share it on social media. Have a great day! :D (Big Grin)

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This is great! Could you do a green version at some point?

Can you do a yellow one for me? or if theres a tutorial on how to change the color i really am looking forward to using this sets yellow version.


Pretty cool! You should make a dark version

Looking forward to using this set . I anticipate being enabled to easily find my cursor now. The color is appealing. Thanks much.

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i just like the colour
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Looks great, thanks!

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Amazing Bro....Maknyuusss Tenaannnnn.

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Can I ask for black? My laptop has a light theme, and would like to have a contrasting cursor. Black would be helpful.

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Anaidon-Aserra I saw these cursor and they look cool so I just wanted to ask you, can you please make a, purple colored version or a rainbow version. Thanks these look awesome good job!!!
Is this still available for download?
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I like this cursor, it's amazing. It's simple yet it manages to have animations. Most people making cursors don't put much animation on the cursor but this one does and uses it well. It's small yet noticeable and it looks very smooth and nice. I would suggest to try making all the colors in the rainbow so that anyone can enjoy it.
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Wow, thanks! :D (Big Grin)

I am planning on making more colors, but it takes some time to make. If you would like a specific color right away, just let me know! :) (Smile) 
Thank you very much!
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Sure! :D (Big Grin) I'll be gone for a few days, though, so it may take longer than usual to finish. It should be done in six to eight days.
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