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Phone Time

Hey guys, guess what I learned today? You can upload from your iPad. Interesting.
Anyway, this is the first part of what was supposed to be my entry for the X-Men Evolution Christmas Gift Xchange at the Evo Obsessed club. Anyway, I was an idiot and lost track of time, so I didn't get it online in time, but I did get the drawings done for CrimsonReach who asked for Piotr, Pyro, Jean or Wanda in their downtime.

This was the one I did after I thought a drawing of just Jean was cheaping out. I mean, not much better to give two sloppy peices of artwork (late), but I had to do something. My pencil was not getting along with Pyro at all, but I like how Piotr turned out.

Its supposed to be Pyro (John) and Piotr (Colossus) chilling at the base around Christmas. Pyro is being a phone hog for not good reason, prank calling some people on the other side of the world like a dick. Piotr just wants to call home and make sure his little sister had a nice week.

Anyway, hope you all had a good Holiday.

Jean (c) Marvel
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I vaguely know these characters. And this amuses me.