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Hey guys, guess what I learned today? You can upload from your iPad. Interesting.
Anyway, this is the first part of what was supposed to be my entry for the X-Men Evolution Christmas Gift Xchange at [link]. Anyway, I was an idiot and lost track of time, so I didn't get it online in time, but I did get the drawings done for CrimsonReach [link] who asked for Piotr, Pyro, Jean or Wanda in their downtime.

This was the one I did first, of Jean coming home after a holiday party and having that blissful few moments that you get when you still feel pretty, but have the comfort of taking off your heels and Jewelry.

It's so sloppy, and I don't even have a real scanner right now to help make it look better. Sorry :( god willing Ill have the time to clean it up later in the week.

Anyway, hope you all had a good Holiday.

Jean (c) Marvel
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I think she looks very pretty