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Cosmic Star Heroine by Anagram-Daine Cosmic Star Heroine by Anagram-Daine
NI was getting arrested in the future one day and I saw this on the galactic government bulletin board.
I'm not sure what all the precaution and fear is about, but I remember present day as it being a game developed by Zeboyd Games...
Its a game that you should invest interest in if you've played there other games, for reals.
(AKA Cthulu Saves the World, Breath of Death VII, On The Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness Ep 3 & 4)

So I drew this while camping. The idea was to mimic what you might stereotypically see (at least on TV) what a government or investigation firm might have regarding Cosmic Star Heroine. I thought of a black and white photo amongst a group of people would be best, since it would have that espionage and spy feeling to it. Since the game itself is early in development at the time I am writing this, the crowd Alyssa is surround by is loosely hints toward other Zeboyd character. (Loosely because; 1. Everyone drawn was based on memory and 2. So that most of the focus is on AIyssa.) I also chose to do this because I don't know what kind of characters exist in her world, however I know she exists as a character of Zeboyd games. She looks at the camera with defiance and irritation, because since she is a professional spy she probably knows if she's being followed.

The drawing was stretched over a white square to resemble a photo, over a corkboard that was made using a grain filter which was colored brown. The sticky tack holding the photo is just blue splashes given a drop shadow to make it look more 3-D.

The sticky note are real, scanned with my writing and poke fun of what we currently know about Cosmic Star Heroine and the "possible" connection to Zeboyd games. The permanent ink is made with a linear light layer, with notes on the image and assumes the identities of Zeboyd creators, with Robert of Zeboyd being assumed to be Dem from Breath of Death (since that's his icon on Twitter at the moment), and Bill of Zeboyd based off of his DeviantArt profile.
slash000 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013   Artist
This is excellent!  Definitely fits the theme of CSH.  Also I love how you fit in so many characters from the various games! :)
Anagram-Daine Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks, I appreciate it, I'm excited for your next game to come out :D
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