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postei um novo video
sim eu vim mendigar
my drawing tablet broke ;;-;; my doggo eated my pen ;;;;-;;;; i am trying to draw with a mouse so i can do my commissions 
please help me
send cheap sites of drawing tablets
something h e lppppp
my dad cannot know about this
he will kill me......... 
can someone help me????? plz
well i will draw with phone again?
Mavaroon is doing emergency commissions !! support her, buy, or only spread the word !
thanks !
my mom says: what the matter with going to sleep on 1 am?
my mind: is because you dont are with me, so with you sleeping i can be in peace
i dont care about myself 
i just want to finish this
but i feel so uncapable
i hate life being 11 sucks a lot
bEacuse you are just a pile of shit 
really, today i got in vacation and my mom says that i gonna stay awaking in 5:30 am 
fuck i hate myself 
i hate life
i hate everything 

i waant to die
helllo peoples, everything kool? i need points soo
commissys open heya
here the prices;

only the head: 5 points 

full body; 10 points
full body with background; 20 points

i dont accept paypal
now the art trades;

i will see your art -
and u have a timeline
i u not respect it u be automatically kicked

bye people
the timeline; 1 week
ex of my art
Fire Burns by anagiovanna