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The Hobbit - Kili

"Far over the misty mountains cold,
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
We must away, ere break of day
To find our long forgotten gold"
- Howard Shore

I FINISHED IT. (I lack one knife, shush.) And I'm proud of it.
Most of the detailing was done in a week with me sewing 24/7 instead of writing a thesis. Not recommended, but worth it. (You can't actually see all of the details, but oh well.) I love this photo our photographer snapped in quick photoshoot in the convention! When I get my hands to the rest of the pictures, I'll be uploading them. :D

Costume made & worn: yours truly (FB: )
Photographer: Tapio Matikainen

More of Kili:
The Hobbit on Ice by Anae-chan
Also, link to the Hobbit figure skating by me;
Part 1:…
Part 2:… 
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looks amazing =3 how did you do the facial hair?
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Thank you! :3 It's just makeup, combination of two different eye shadows (both brown) and eye liner (dark brown). ^^
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Thank you very much! ^^
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Thank you so much! :3
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Thank you very much! ^^
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look mom, i dressed up as a movie character!
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Yes, I did. I also put fair share (lot) of work to the costume. I find no shame in it. And you shouldn't come pointing finger at me (or anyone else for that matter), either. If you dislike cosplay, that's perfectly fine; but then it's simply better not to comment. (You weren't exactly rude though, so that's a plus.)

Btw, my mom has seen the picture. And she was impressed. Even if she wasn't, I wouldn't mind. It's my hobby, and I love it.
jayden444's avatar
Fair share of work?  It's not hard or artistic to duplicate other's work, bro. (or sis? are you male or female?)  Where's the credit to the original designers?  Btw, you gave the credit for the song to the wrong person.  Those words belong to Tolkien.  Ok, rant over.  Carry on.
Ashurii-Adokoku's avatar
This is amazing!!

Kili is by far my fave dwarf from the hobbit.
Amazing work. :)
Anae-chan's avatar
Thank you so much (for the fav too)! The costume is still lacking a few details but overall very happy with the result! :D

He and Fili are my fav dwarfs as well. ^^
Ashurii-Adokoku's avatar
You are most welcome!!

It's still wonderful.
Really? Nice. :)
cestakrve's avatar
Great Kili cosplay:-) It is Kind of crazy to watch Kili iceskating:-) but you did it great:-) Just that cosplay looks funny :-D Even Thorin and Fili are there..just watching his little brother dancing :-)
Anae-chan's avatar
Agh, I just noticed that da ate part of my reply. :'D

So, I'm gonna try again! Firstly, thank you for the praise, for both cosplay and ice-skating. :D I understand it's a bit funny to have a dwarf ice-skating, but then again, I wanted to skate to the Lonely Mountain and that's dwarvish song as you can get (and I think Kili might be the most agile of them lol). xD And I was happy to get kin to help. ;D
cestakrve's avatar
It is nice icescating and it warms heart:-)
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Happy to hear that ^^
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The feathers on the arrows are so bright they distract from what's the real point of focus here (no really, the viewer's eyes unwittingly keep glancing at it)- this amazing costume. The fabric on the vest or elbow, or the fur lining look very soft and pleasant. The leg protection and pattern looks great. Lots of awesome details. Costume really well done!
Anae-chan's avatar
Thank you very much for your praise and constructive criticism as well! :D

(As for the feathers, they are a little less bright irl, but photoshopping made them pop even more (I shall take the comment to the photographer as well!). They are still pretty bright irl too, tho. ^^')
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