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Pose Set #3 Standing Poses Female

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It's been over a year since I released my first pose set, and looking back at it I feel like I totally sucked at anatomy. It's something I'm still learning and practicing, but you are welcome to use these for reference with 50Points to help me out.
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I sent more than 50 points as you deserve them :) I used a pose for a quick outfit sketch as I suck at anatomy and natural poses

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I don't have 50 points to spare but is it alright if I just look at these poses for inspiration? Probably not going draw the female parts as I need to make a gender neutral design but am having trouble with poses for the ref sheet

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Hello! I used two of these as a reference for my character's ref sheet. I'll send over the points for the two poses I used ^^

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Did you have to pay to use this reference? I used it and I love it! I didn’t post yet
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Sending you 50 points to use pose

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The posing is really nice. But again I don't think you suck it just takes time getting back into the drawing. If you have not done it for a long time. That's like when I stop drawing for a while then go back to it I think, "Can I still draw as good as before?" LOL.
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Sent the 50 pts! 
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Heyo, can I send you the 50 pts so I can use these?
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Good for you sticking at it, hopefully it all paid off.;) (Wink)   I tried to learn how to pencil drawing but always lost my temper after a few attempts and end up learning nothing...No, I disagree!  not a good excuse of a reason, I know, and these days I just don't have the time like I used too anymore, but some day I hope to get back into it again learn from past mistakes.:D (Big Grin)  
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This will be a great study on anatomy,  thanks for sharing this Lady-Anadia.
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Hi! I used your drawing as reference to draw this one:
RQ: Caitlyn by EarthRabbit
Keep up with the great job! :)
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This is so helpful! For some reason, I can't draw boobs or feet, and this helps a ton. Thanks!
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RP Gang 1 - Alternate Timelines by ArcticLeapordFrost  used as an eyeball-reference more than anything, hope you don't mind
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Thanks for sharing! That looks really great :)
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Points sent, thank you so much for sharing! <3
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Sent! Thanks for sharing :) your refs help a lot!
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Thanks, glad they're helpful :)
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