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Jill's Dance Detail Blacklight

Newest work using flourescent paint, markers, pastel, and pens as well as traditional markers, ink, and paint. The canvas is paper with a layer of plastic above it creating a 3D effect when viewed in person. This is movement of life, transition from one realmn to another via the mind's eye. Inspired by my wife-type-girlfriend person's own struggle and eventual success in the jagged, choatic, disturbing and ultimately beautiful journey that life rewards us with.

This is a detail view under blacklight conditions. Due to the randomness of taking picture in black lights, I'm going to post more views in my scrapes for those who are interested in viewing.

The view on the Left is under blacklight and the right is under normal white light
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1436x1794px 1.13 MB
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16/1 second
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6 mm
Date Taken
Jan 4, 2006, 8:04:43 AM
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Hey man, this one is fantastic. The blue light in on the left, the green on the right.

The girl looks like subtle layers of energy, like when you remove the complications of human physicallity and it what is left is like this representational form, reflecting a certain colour or quality.

The black reminds me of tree roots or twisted metal. Remind me to buy something off ya ;)
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thank you very much and your comments are very perceptive as you have described pretty much what the sentiment of the piece is. It is about the transcendence of the physical and dancing between the world of material and the one beyond.

I want to make prints available of this one, but I want to find someplace that will print using the blacklight ink too. When I have that all lined up I'll let you know for sure.
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yeah man the black light part is key, It has much depth and vibrance and it needs to maintain that.
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Beautiful...I have been experimenting with different layers of flourescents too. It gets to looking floaty...sort of..Your work is amazing.
anacrime's avatar
thank you very much and it's nice to hear others are exploring this kind of mix media too.
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to be honest I dont think Ive ever seen anything like this. I like how the hard, what is it, bursh strokes, make it seem alittle messy and the colors make it powerful. I dont think I would know where or even how to get that effect with the plastic like you said. This is defenetly a new fave of mine! :'D
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Thank you very much, your enjoyment is all an artist can ask for :)
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Well thanks for the awsome pic ;)
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This is GORGEOUS O.o
zodiacus's avatar
very cool i like alot!
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Thank you guys for your comments and thank you Obi for thinking enough of this piece to post it on your list. This is the first in a series stylistically that I'm working on so look for me in the near future here.
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Hi! :wave:You just earned yourself an ODD!:winner: congrats! :clap:An ODD (Oibyrds Daily Devs) is a little extra spotlight I shine on deviations that I think are really impressive ...also do features if I feel they're not getting the attention they deserve. Please see the link below for all details and do keep in mind that if you prefer NOT to be a feature, just shoot me a note and I'll remove you from the list ;)
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Interesting take with the ultraviolet view! It really works with this picture.
Despite the philosophical connotations, this picture reminds me of a disco. :XD:
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