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By Anacorreal
I'm posting a new artwork! After a gazillion years! This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill!

I can't tell you exactly why I've been so absent from the art world. A mixture of crippling self-doubt, lack of vision, random graphic design jobs that took my time and energy, and a strange sort of tiredness. Last year and a half I didn't make any digital non-commissioned artworks, but I did sketch dozens of cool ideas I haven't thrown away yet and am currently working on right now actually. I decided to focus on that, just making crappy sketches and letting my imagination flow free and just let it tell me whatever it wanted. Learned quite a lot, and recovered my long lost love for drawing :heart: .

This one has a strange beginning. It's inspired by Enya's song "One By One", (I simply love her, by the way), and I wanted to make the song justice, it evokes so many things. But since 2011 nothing I sketched was worth it so I never bothered. But I think it was at the beginning of august that out of the blue, I suddenly simply knew what it finally had to look like and express. I sketched it in 5 minutes and was super close to making a "live photomanipulation event" on instagram so you guys could see the process, but I freaked out and decided not to xD Probably in the future though.

There's no going back now! This is just the first of many I have under my sleeve. I want you to have glimpses of the process of the artworks, so I'm doing my best in making videos and blog posts, and instagram process photos, etc etc. I wish I was more like some really talented people that can just create something in a day and post it, but for me it takes time. I am a horrible, horrible critic of my own work.

I have yet to post a "making-of" video of this piece and a cool little thing I'm trying with some of my artworks. I think you'll love it :D

This is also being shown at "Salón Visual Bacánika" ( , an exposition with some of Colombia's best illustrators and will soon also travel to Medellín, to a Behance Review. I saw the print today, it looks gorgeous :3 So very honoured to be a part of it. I'm posting photos of the event here:

Wow, this got really long. If you read it all, I'll sketch something for you and send you the pic because you're awesome ;D (I'm dead serious)

See you around!

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I did read it all. :P
Muy buen trabajo!! Me encanta la expresión de la cara y como la piel se convierte en vestido. Espero ver más trabajos tuyos pronto pues! :D
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Amazingg La la la la Heart Heart Heart 
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very beautiful ^^ i loved the concept :love:
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Fantastic work!
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Absolutely great!
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You're welcome! :)
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I understand that feeling of doubting yourself /: I haven't drawn anything in a year and now I'm scared to get started again, despite having a few ideas -.-

Good luck for your future projects and congratulations on the expo (:
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Thank you! Sending you best wishes.
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hello, your wonderful work has been featured in :icondthemansion:
You are welcome to share with us your amazing talent :D
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Thank you kindly! :heart:
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