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Laura Pose

By Anacita
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I figured I might as well upload a few of the fanart images I've been submitting over at the TwoKinds forum ^_^

...this particular sketch is of Laura, a fox keidran character from :icontwokinds:s webcomic TwoKinds. Go check it out, his art is great, as is the storyline :)
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WOW... I F-ing Love it!!!
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Laura wins! \o/

I really don't know if Keith should stay with Laura or Natani, they're both winners... i-i

And I like her pose very much, kinda shy or unsure... that's what we would expect of a Keidran that lived many years with the Basitin people ^^
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I like your attitude :)

I'll admit (and because of a certain deviation in my gallery, it's probably obvious) that I favor the Keith x Natani pairing, but I do hope that Laura finds happiness in the few years she has left to live.

Thanks for the fav, btw ^w^
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I really feel sad to know that she'll probably be seriously hurt... she didn't give up for a long time, and now that Keith is back, everything is pointing out that he'll stay with Natani... D:
Poor Laura... i-i
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I really like the timidness in her facial expression and body language here. The crow's feet are a nice little detail.
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Thank you, Cupil :) I tried to stay true to her character. I doubt Laura would ever pose for Eric in canon, but if she did, she'd definitely be shy about it ^w^
Its Natini you're thinking of there.
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She looks surprisingly casual considering the nakedity... and her trying to pretend she's a guy. XD
Verr cute ^^
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