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BnB: Mel Curie by Ana-Mizuki BnB: Mel Curie :iconana-mizuki:Ana-Mizuki 2 0
Mature content
NCH: Hel questionary :iconana-mizuki:Ana-Mizuki 1 1
NCH: Hallowoofs by Ana-Mizuki
Mature content
NCH: Hallowoofs :iconana-mizuki:Ana-Mizuki 7 3
NCH: Cecil Questionare
Full Name: Cecil Lloyd, as far as I know, that is my only name.
Species: Werewolf
Pure (born) or Virus (bitten): Born, unfortunately.
D.O.B: ...I don't know, they are guessing either January 1st 1995 or late December 1994.
Astrology Zodiac: Capricorn.
Chinese Zodiac: Dog, how apropos.
Personality Type: INTJ, apparently.
Habit(s): Pacing, skulking and staring. Apparently.
Pet Peeve(s): Laziness, wastefulness.
Allergies: Wheat, most grain products. I'm pretty sure that was planned.
Preferred Weather: Snowstorm or rain.
What do you carry on you at all times? Knives, beef jerky, that stuff.

Happiest Memory:....I don't remember.
I wish I could forget: My mother, the person I killed.
Most embarrassing moment: When Silas caught me sneaking on the pack lands the first time. No, wait, I once achieved Nirvana by trying to finish an essay and I drank too much co
:iconana-mizuki:Ana-Mizuki 4 1
NCH:Charity Meeting
To say Cecil stood out among the gathered youths at the charity would have been an understatement. Sure, he was blond (in a way) and blue-eyed, but those weren't marks of a white bread middle-class teen looking something non-WASP. Instead, he was an albinistic native American tube dressed in all black. Yet, there he was, helping carrying boxes among the aisles. Trying to dodge lamps the best he could.
The Irish born woman wondered the centre, scanning the area for any signs of help. She removed her large dark pink hat, fixing her hair pulling it back into a long ponytail. Some stared, possibly judging wondering why someone like her was there. Covered in tattoos, and piercings, as well as a large range of different shades of a grey pink tone, Lumiere stood out well enough in the crowd. She loved the attention and enjoyed peoples expressions towards her. She didn't fit in with the crowd and never wanted to. Lumiere wondered over to a man requesting the shelves
:iconana-mizuki:Ana-Mizuki 6 4
NCH: Supernatural Swap-Cecil by Ana-Mizuki
Mature content
NCH: Supernatural Swap-Cecil :iconana-mizuki:Ana-Mizuki 4 1
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NCH: Cecil Album-Pretend Saints :iconana-mizuki:Ana-Mizuki 10 4
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NCH: Moments in Hell :iconana-mizuki:Ana-Mizuki 4 1
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BnB: Mel Curie
Name: Melodie 'Mel'  Adamas of House Curie
Pronouns: She
Age: 22 years old.
Height: 6'7''
Race: Tiefling-Arcanaloth heritage.
Class: Bard (College of Valor)
Alignment: Neutral Good


Shy-One wouldn't often call a child of nobility shy, but Mel is just one of many children. Despite her unique looks and race, she was overshadowed by her more active siblings at every turn. Mel, thus, spent more time practising her lyre alone or weaving tapestries. Anything meditative that took her from the chaos of her kin.

When your family seeks more power from creatures from beyond, you know you are in for wringer of a childhood. Mel's natural skills were emphasised in her training in order to give her a chance at the competitive life she would live. Despite never amounting to anything special, Mel is driven once she puts her mind into things.

Mediator- Siblings fight, competitive siblings fight more. Competitive noble siblings fight the most. Mel wasn't in for the fights, finding them rather scary. So she chose to be the mediator between her siblings. Despite her status as the average one, they listened to her.

Average- Mel is, as stated before, one of many children. She is smack dab in the middle of her siblings by skills and personality. She isn't the best fighter, she isn't the sneakiest spy or the best with spells. She only has her song and her ability to ease wounded egos. While Mel isn't at all the worst, her averageness makes her not overreach herself.

Awful as it is, nobility rarely refrains from spilling blood. There is always a need for more spots for 'better' people and the easiest thing to do is take out the competition. Add to this the reality of being a first generation tiefling whose sire watched over her, Mel learned to respect the adage 'an eye for an eye'. If for nothing else, then because it was easier than question the morality of things.

Caring- A dire contrast to her vengeful streak, Mel really wants to care for people. She might come across as oily as a slickened eel on a waterslide, but there is a good heart underneath all that practised smarm.


House Curie was a blessed noble house in Lumivaara, at least according to its members. But it could always be -more- blessed thought Mel's mother. She had noticed one of her servants had an air of otherworldliness and she decided to confront her about it.
Getting caught wasn't something an Arcanaloth much liked, but she was convinced by the noble lady that she didn't have to hide. Bless her with a child, and she would join in the family fortunes. Meddling with mortal affairs was very much what Bletz' kind enjoyed, and bedding a beautiful noblewoman for a half-breed? Ha, this would be fun.

Nine months later, Mel was born. Despite the unorthodox source of her sire, her father and mother still accepted her as their legitimate heir. Well, one of them. Mel had two older siblings and more were sure to come. It would just be a good test for the fiend blood in her veins.

Unfortunately for everyone, Mel turned out to be far less confident than she had been expected to be. Despite being constantly tested by her tutors and teachers, Mel came out short compared to her siblings. She wasn't the best fighter, she wasn't as sneaky as some and she showed no greater promise for magic than a regular person.

The only thing that made Mel stand out (aside from being a blue dog-like creature), was her talent for song and weaving. Mel also showed quite a lot of talent in diplomacy and mediation. This would have made her a more prospective heir to the family, but her personality was shy and unsure. Not brave or bold like she needed to be. Her sire brought this to her attention a lot, it wasn't unusual for a servant to suddenly gain slitted blue eyes and snap at Mel, when there was no one else listening.

Some liveliness was brought into her life into every celebration when House Curie and House Cavendish clashed. Mel and the Cavendish child, Cave, bonded over being the ill-fitting children. Even after one of Mel's siblings lunged at poor Cave.

Once she was old enough to be sent to study, Mel was thrown into a distant bardic college to put her talents of song and speaking to use. The culture shock was quite huge, as Mel had mostly lived as a spare and generally treated as a nobody in her family. Being suddenly faced with humans and other species who saw her either as cool or weird was strange. More-so when she met other tieflings. Most were either overtly proud of their looks or ashamed about them.

This all made Mel focus more on her studies than ever before. She decided that she was just fine being a spare in her house if that meant avoiding insults and beatings. Nevermind too much attention on herself. She graduated with decent skills and was quite happy with that.

Now, back in Lumivaara, Mel faces her family once more. That, and the city they hope to rule.


-Sire-mum Bletz contacts her from time to time. However, given Mel has not exactly made herself worth much, she has let Mel be for a while.
- Is not much for covering her looks, being used to hearing they are a gift.
-Does not wear shoes, nor full gloves, because of her leg shape and her claws. Usually hides her slitted eyes under her hair because they freak people out.

Character sheet:…
Timezone: GMT+2

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Full Name: Hel apCharles, though to humans I'm just Helena Wolvensdottir.
Species: Werewolf, though at this point I might as well be a weredog.
Pure (born) or Virus (bitten): .....Like I said above, I'm so inbred that I have extra fingers and toes and my tail is twisted.
D.O.B: Dunno, don't care.
Astrology Zodiac: I'm sure its Leo or something equally stupid. Never was too much into astrology.
Chinese Zodiac: What do you mean there are 11 normal animals and then a -dragon-?
Personality Type: ESTP-A-The Entrepreneur.... what?
Habit(s): Trying to fit into humanity, drinking and partying. I guess scaring people,too?
Pet Peeve(s): Fake cultists, just because you can draw a pentagram does not mean you know the goetic demons. Arsehole.
Allergies: None, can't have any.
Preferred Weather: Indoors.
What do you carry on you at all times? Money, my wallet and my ID card.
Happiest Memory: When the crowds cheered for me at fights.
I wish I could forget: The cult and the fights.
Most embarrassing moment: Here I once got manipulated into the Nailed God's prayer. And I fucked it up.
7 Interesting facts about me: I am Scottish but I'm a mutt, I am still officially a dog in my passport, I know what demons to summon for any purpose, I have extra toes and fingers, I never went to school or college, I am a prison guard, I am not like you.

Parents:Don't know, don't care.
What has your mother taught you?
What has your father taught you?
Siblings: I got, like, a bunch of fellow kids I think most were my siblings or half-siblings. It didn't matter and it doesn't now.
Other Family: Anyone who fucked any of my family, that's as deep as -that- goes.
Pets: Nah
Best friend: Inkblot, he still fights.
Crush (or S/O): I don't have any.
Enemies: Humans, most of the pack.

T H I S     OR     T H A T

Messy or Tidy: Messy, I never had my own room.
Righty or Lefty: Lefty, I'm sinister *groan*
Inny or Outty: Uh?
Smoker or Non-smoker: Non-smoker, I prefer to eat my drugs.
Sweet, Spicy or Sour: Anything.
Board, Card or Video Games: Cards.
Baths or Showers: Neither, unless I absolutely -need- to.
Fruits or Vegetables: Eugh, fruits. Not liking either.
Forgive or Forget: Forget, no one forgives.
Want kids or no kids: HAHAHA, I'm sterile, can't have any.
Outdoors or Indoors: Indoors.
Virgin or Experienced: .....Born into a Cult. It doesn't apply.
Land or Sea: Land.

Food: As long as it fills me.
Drink: As long as I stop being thirsty.
Color: Purple, a rare colour.
Sound: The crowd cheering.
Smell: Fire.
Song: None.
Music Genre: Folk, I guess.
TV Show / Movie: Don't watch any.
TV Genre: Neither TV.
Quote: "So above as below"
Word: Victory.

High School Clique: The freak?
Best Joke Ever: "What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing, it just waved"
What three words would be on your gravestone? Expired 20xx
What are you hiding?
I am not human, I never was.
Are you squeamish?
Hardly, I have witnessed horrors no man can comprehend!
Ever broken a bone?
Yes, first to stop me from moving but then later in a fight. Healed fast, though.
Are you athletic?
 Of course! I used to fight professionally, I still try to keep myself in shape!
Describe your fashion style
: Human enough.
What is your ringtone? Don't care.
Are you afraid of falling in love?
There would be no use, I am sterile.

M E M B E R     Q U E S T I O N S

(Ana-Mizuki) | How do you justify being a supernatural being to yourself? I don't, I'm a monster and I know it.
(DoktorrSketchy) | Favorite Ramen flavor: Uhhh...Chicken?
NCH: Hel questionary
Hel is a bit... out there. But she tries to fit in.



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