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NCH: Why do you bother?
Had they been in their wolf forms, both men would have given few growls to each other. But they wore their human skins, though the way Cecil was carrying hides to the territory, it didn't seem very human to Charles.
Cecil was about to turn away, to move on with his day, when Charles moved closer. The tall werewolf tensed, feeling his teeth lengthen from the stress he felt when he was near that man. There was something off about him, something that made his instincts tell him to run.
"Kid, do you think you're gonna magically make up for your crimes by doing that?" Charles asked, eyeing the taller wolf with no fear in his eyes. Cecil grumbled, shrugging as a way to get out of this conversation. A firm hand on his shoulder stopped him.
"Or do you think by killing yourself slowly, you are gonna somehow make things better for everyone. For your pup or your friend? No, kid, you are just causing more grief" Charles continued his needling.
"I didn't kill them, okay?!" Ce
:iconana-mizuki:Ana-Mizuki 5 1
NCH: Lessons in child-safety [Hazel's intro]


Hazel raced down the slopes, the sun had set about 3 hours ago and things were starting to quiet down along the outskirts of the small town she had stumbled upon the day before.  Hazel was starving, and a nice deer sitting on the side of the road sounded like a 5 star meal right now,  her stomach growled with anticipation as Hazel reached the roads, She sat at the side for a moment to catch her breath and listen for oncoming traffic, none came, Hazel stood and darted for middle of the lanes, she had learned that this was the best place to find the larger animals as they tended to make it further.  The only problem was that Hazel had a hard time keeping the rotting flesh down, but it was better than nothing and there was no way she would go into the town.  She didn't want to be seen by any more humans.  The cooling air of the evening ticked her ear fur and felt wonderful running through her fur, her tail st
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Here; Kickstarter launch -INVISIBLE ILLNESS: Anxiety- by Remarin
HV: Zachs
[Name] Zacharias Reese Lloyd, or just Zachs.

[Age] 21-ish.

[Gender] Cismale.

[Tier] Ambient- White sclera.

[House / Banner] House of Redemption

[Sire] Unknown at this point, not really interested in looking either.

[Underlings] None, and is not really eager to make more like him.


Positivity healer (Shadow)

Benefits: Zachs can call upon ancient creatures of virtues to aid in healing wounds. These beings, being creatures of positive emotions, do not seek to harm but to heal. Zachs contacts these beings freely through a permanent connection with him between the plane they come from and himself and tends to speak with them casually.

These beings can heal anything from deep lacerations to disembowelment. They cannot repair broken bones nor affect anything neurological. They understand wounds, but not the complex nature of the human body.

Outside healing, these beings can serve as scouts. Though, depending on their age, they can be fairly scatterbrained or ambivalent towards Zachs orders.

Drawbacks: Though having your personal army of healer beings might seem like a lottery win, Zachs does not hold as much control over these beings as one might think he does. As much as he can ask these beings to do things for him, he is also bound by their requests in turn. These beings are Zachs' family, and so he has to do as they say when they ask him for aid. Given they are creatures of another world, they can ask Zachs to do things that make sense to them but not to the physical world. Sometimes, especially when one of his oldest family members asks him things, they can be outright brutal. Things like going to a medical ward to euthanize a person on life support or destroying some product the beings think will only cause harm in the future.

Zachs can, of course, refuse if he thinks the request is beyond his abilities, but then he, in turn, cannot ask his family to do anything but the bare minimum. Even then, he might end up having to wait a being to offer its aid freely. The older the virtue is, the more likely it is to ask Zachs to perform it a favour first and less likely it is to offer its aid freely.

In terms of healing ability, aside from the aforementioned lack of a more complex healing, only one virtue can ride his shadow at the time. As such, Zachs often has to be very careful not to let the more younger and peppier beings to try to heal. The older the being, the stronger the healing. The younger the being, the more haphazard the healing.

Aside from all this, the connection is never closed, so Zachs has to deal with creatures of virtues commenting on everything he does. Sometimes they wake him from a deep sleep just to go and aid a lost kitten, for example.

Despite everything that has happened to him and the whole Hell Vampire business, Zachs can be summed up well in one term; Even keel. This boy has no trouble keeping his head and thinking on his feet when needed to, but has no trouble relaxing afterwards. He knows who he is and what he is in a very deep way and that aids him in his various pursuits.

It also makes him extremely lazy, as the inner turmoil that drives others to seek to better themselves is no concern to him. He is extremely empathetic and caring, though. Before becoming a member of House Redemption, he was on the fast track to becoming a EMT nurse. He is brilliant enough, if he puts his mind into it. The issue is that he often -doesn't- put his mind into things unless they interest him.

This is why his connection to the other plane is so important to him, as it gets him up in the morning (or at 2 am at night) to work. Which he does with his typical uninterested way, but he will do it, come hell or high water. This reliance on guardian angels, of course, can be dangerous when they are so inhuman. But to Zachs, the trade-off is often worth it. He isn't blind to their requests, of course.

Outside of his laziness and his rather weird reliance to creatures of Virtues, Zachs isn't much of a strong-willed person. He knows who he is and what he wants, but he'll make time for others quite often. He is also not immune to following someone who is an idealist, provided he isn't pushed to do too much extra work by their ideals. More a follower than a leader, in other words.


One might assume Zachs had a tragic and sad life, given he ended up as a Hell Vampire and that his powers manifests as creatures of virtues that he listens to religiously.

They would be very wrong.

Zachs grew up in a loving home with three other siblings. Though his parents very busy, he was never without love and care. Zachs didn't know the ocupation of his mother and father for a good while of his life, much to his own uncertainty. He only knew that they were gone for even months and suddenly either returned without much of a fanfare. It was made worse by the fact that his sisters seemed to take after his parents much more, and so they were let in on the 'secret'. He wasn't and frankly Zachs stopped caring once he hit his teens.

By then, he had much more important things to consider than what his folks did as their day job. Zachs was naturally gifted when it came to things such as counseling and medicine and he soon found himself getting scholarships offers from many good colleges and even some universities. Encouraged by his parents, Zachs packed his bags and headed for a university far away from his home.

At first, he planned to become a psycholigist or a therapist, but Zachs soon found that he had the cool head and the mental stability to work as an EMT. This was honestly encouraging to him, as he saw how easily others became jaded and bitter just after few months of working at the job. Where others' would be crushed by the harsh realities of the world, Zachs could handle them as save those who couldn't from the pain. Plus, saving lives was always a plus.

To honor his entry to medical school proper, Zachs allowed some of his friends at school to take some of his blood and meld it with silver to create a dagger. Cool idea, but not very functional.

It was a bit of a surprise when he was grabbed from his shift one day by a bunch of demons. Not only did Zachs find this rather random to begin with, but the fact that they had chosen a freaking EMT of all things. He asked them this in a calm voice, deciding panic and fighting back wouldn't help. As a reward, Zachs head was hit hard by the butt of a hard metal dagger.

When he woke up, tied to a slab with his wrists bound, Zachs was beginning to panic. He had tried to reason with these devils and yet they had seen it more fruitful to knock him out. Zachs tried to escape, but getting crucifix drawn on his arms and chest put a damper on that. Just just from the screaming, just also from the loss of his the needed musculature to struggle. Zachs', though typically more than a little sturdy, passed out after that.

He awoke vomiting and digging at his body, feeling ill and disgusted. Especially as what he vomited was blood and he suddenly had claws and a tail. A huge, fluffy, tail. Zachs tried his best not to think of the implications as he heard voices in his head. Voices that spoke to him, scolding him and telling him to run. Zachs tried to, but one of his friends from his school stopped him.

What followed was a weird and far too long of an explanation of what he had become, what the dagger was for and who his parents were. Undercover agents and spies. That is why House of the Fallen wanted him, Zachs had the cool mind and potential to be great.

Pity he escaped with his dagger once the situation presented itself to him. He would have left it behind, but giving those bastards any advantage over him was not going to happen. After a bit of wandering and stumbling around, Zachs found himself as part of House Redemption.

[Miscellaneous Information] TBA



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