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Stato di Quiete - Tranquility

I made this wallpaper for a my co-worker's web site based on the White Wolf RPG "Vampire - The Masquerade".
I like it because it's very dark and it look perfectly when the system is locked.
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Ma giochi anche alla cronaca padovana di vampiri dal vivo?
So che qualche mese fà hanno ricominciato da zero perchè dopo parecchi anni era diventata ingiocabile a causa della "grossezza" che i personaggi avevano acquisito ^_^''
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no, ma conosco il master e alcune persone che ci giocano. Personalmente giocare live non mi ha mai attirato molto, mi dedico al massimo a WoW :)
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Bienvenito a Deviant Art! Hehe, that's about all the Italian I know, I took it for a year in high school. Anyway, White Wolf rocks, and this pic definitely suits the "atmosphere" of the world of darkness. The lighting in this is excellent. My only negative comment is that the outlines of the image are a little unclear, particularly in the full view.
~Julie Ann
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Thanks julieanshar,
i definitely agree with your comment... i think the reason is that i taken a Brandon Lee pic from "The Crow" movie that was very small... so i worked on resize/blur/colors adjustment in order to fit it into the screen as best as i could.
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Well, in that case you did an excellent job. I'd expect a re-sized image to be much more blurry.
~Julie Ann