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secret santa 2012

So I decided to participate in EvoObssessed's Gift Exchange! I got :icontheroseprince:, who said they'd like to see something shippy and romantic, and gave a list of ships to choose from.

I decided to go with the not-oft seen 'ship of Rogue/Kitty, because why not, right? :D Hope you enjoy it!
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Love the style
read this shipper in fanfic a lot but seeing it it a bit different
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Pencil, Marker and ink? I love the texture it has from the paper used. Nice color choices! Very cute!
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Yes, I'm not exactly an artist-artist, so these are all the tools I know how to use |D But I'm glad you liked the color choice since I did spend a bit of time figuring out picking them out when I did! :)
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Are you kidding? Not an artist?! Pshhhffff, I don't believe you! This is GREAT! With the popularity of digital art its really refreshing to see traditional medium being used! Keep it up!!
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oh man you should see the blushing on me haha thank you for your kind words!!! :'D
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She will give kitty teh "kiss of death" under the mistletoe :D
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Maybe just a tiny peck of death! ;)
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